Best Commercial Elliptical for Your Office or Fitness Business

Commercial elliptical machines are now a must-have in many fitness centers as they provide a great workout without too much stress on your joints. However, finding the best commercial elliptical machine for your office or fitness business can be confusing and time-consuming because of the sea of options that range from beefy models that can offer high-intensity exercise to basic trainers for a standard aerobic workout. Beyond that, there are many bells and whistles to contend with. We’ve rounded up some of the best elliptical machines for your office or gym.

Best Commercial Elliptical Machines

Top Pick: Body-Solid E5000 Endurance Elliptical Trainer
Runner Up: Schwinn Fitness 470 Elliptical Machine
Best Value: Niceday Elliptical Machine

Body-Solid E5000 Endurance Elliptical Trainer

Top Pick: The E5000 is a combination of quality manufacturing, natural stride design, and superior programming. This commercial elliptical machine uses an internal generator that eliminates any power requirement. This trainer also comes with seven preset programs, 20 levels of resistance, and manual mode. Closely spaced oversized pedals fit a variety of users and eliminate hip fatigue.

Body-Solid E5000 Endurance Elliptical Trainer for Cardio and Aerobic Training

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Schwinn Fitness 470 Elliptical Machine

Runner Up: Every inch of the Schwinn 470 is designed to keep your office staff or gym members inspired and motivated. This elliptical machine features premium quality features including Bluetooth connectivity that allows users to set, track, and monitor progress on some of the popular tracking apps, 25 levels of resistance offer a wide range of workout intensity options, and 10 degrees motorized adjustable ramp allows users to incline the machine for more challenging workouts. The 470 will certainly provide you with the training experience you want.

Schwinn Fitness 470 Elliptical

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Niceday Elliptical Machine

Best Value: If you are looking for a commercial elliptical trainer that offers many of the best elliptical machine features at an affordable price, look no further than the Niceday elliptical machine. This easy-to-set-up machine is fitted with an extra-thickened commercial steel base tube, anti-slip pedals, and stabilizers on the behind base tube that provides extra stability on uneven floors. The digital monitor displays the pulse, calories, distance, speed, and time. It also comes with 16 magnetic resistance levels which makes it ideal for users in all stages.

Niceday Elliptical Machine, Cross Trainer with Hyper-Quiet Magnetic Driving System

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Bowflex Max Trainer M8

Take a trip to the future with the M8 elliptical machine. This space-saving machine integrates all the nice features that you expect in a top-of-the-range machine like an interactive display, workout tracking history, multi-drip dynamic handles, and full-body, the low-impact motion of an elliptical with the calorie-burning power of a stepper to help you burn calories. The MB also comes with Bowflex’s personalized coaching technology that creates daily, custom workouts that automatically adjust time and intensity as your fitness improves.

Bowflex Max Trainer Series

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Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer

The Teeter LT3 elliptical machine is an ideal machine for people of all fitness levels. It features a comfortable and naturally inclined seat that eliminates stress on the joints and reduces body fatigue while still delivering a full-body fat-burning cardio workout. This machine also comes with a versatile muscle targeting design that allows you to target the muscles that you want to exercise. You can also easily track progress using the easy-to-read, battery-powered console.

Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical

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Nautilus E618 Elliptical Machine

Explore the world from your comfort with the Nautilus E618. This elliptical machine comes with 29 preset programs for interval training, heart rate training, weight loss, and much more. Like most modern ellipticals, the E618 boasts Bluetooth connectivity that allows it to sync with the RunSocial App and the Nautilus Trainer 2 App that allows you to run through 19 locations with 27 routes alongside people from all over the world in real-time. This is certainly a good addition to any office or gym.

Nautilus Elliptical Series

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Schwinn Fitness 430 Elliptical

The 430 brings you a comfortable and smooth workout experience for both your muscle strength and fat-burning exercises. The 430 also makes it super easy to track and monitor results using a sleek streamlined console. It also comes with 22 preset workouts and 20 levels of resistance to fit a wide variety of workout intensity needs.

Schwinn Fitness 430 Elliptical

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What to Look for When Buying a Commercial Elliptical Machine

To find the best elliptical machines for your fitness business or office, you must first understand the elliptical configurations. The flywheel can influence the machine’s cost, your workout, among other factors. A top-notch drive system is smooth and quiet. There are four types of drives including a front-drive elliptical, center drive elliptical, rear-drive elliptical, and hybrid elliptical. The hybrid ellipticals offer more than one workout type.

There are however other factors beyond the drive system that you also need to consider including:

Stride Length: The stride is the vertical length of the pedal movements. While it seems like a small feature, you can’t afford to overlook it as it determines the elliptical performance. The stride length usually ranges from 12 to 21 inches. Consider the average height of your gym members or staff to determine the right stride length.
Ergonomics: Unlike the treadmill that allows for free movement, the elliptical limits users to its movement. Pay special attention to the frame, it should not interfere with your arms, shoulders, or knees. For most people, pedals should be as close together as possible. The machine should also allow for an upright posture when holding or moving the handles.
Programs: Having varying exercise programs will make exercising less boring. Some of the basic offerings will include Random, Manual, Hill Climb, Target Heart Rate, Park Ride, and so on. A good machine should also allow you to create your resistance profile using its custom programs.
Connectivity: In this digital age, connectivity is important. Some ellipticals feature in-built Bluetooth or wireless connectivity that allows users to track their progress using an app on a mobile device. This allows for a wholesome tracking experience as you have all your progress details saved in one place.
Warranties: Certainly important when buying a commercial elliptical. Look for a warranty that covers at least one year of labor and three to seven years of coverage on parts. Most ellipticals provide a lifetime warranty on the frame.


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