Equipment Financing

Use Equipment Financing To Protect Your Working Capital

Is your business in need of new equipment? While many companies could benefit from state-of-the-art equipment purchases, most cannot afford the expense out-of-pocket. Unfortunately, most financial institutions and conventional loan programs make it exceedingly difficult to secure equipment financing. Here at Masters Commercial Capital Group, we understand the necessity of having accessible financing options, especially for all of your equipment needs, from computers to backhoes. With approvals within 24 hours for most equipment purchases and up to 84-month terms, we offer loans and equipment leasing with the following criteria:

  • Up to $500,000 for middle-market financing
  • Various payment structures
  • Little to no down payment
  • Applications of $150,000 require no financial statements

Available Programs

We offer four loan and financing programs for the qualifying business. Our sale and leaseback program is among our most popular, and it allows a business to use the equity in existing equipment as working capital. Our startup programs are for businesses that are less than two years old, allowing them the opportunity to get the equipment that is essential to their services. Our B, C, and D credit programs help to provide businesses with less than optimal credit an opportunity to purchase the equipment that will benefit their services. Finally, our government and municipal leasing programs allow guaranteed approval for lease financing to government and municipal entities, which include:

  • Armed services
  • Libraries
  • Police department’s
  • Public Schools
  • Firehouses
  • State agencies
  • Federal government agencies

Advantages of Acquiring Equipment Leasing Through Us

While you can find similar services offered through other financial institutions, we believe that we offer the most advantageous programs for business owners. Our equipment lease and financing options include the following benefits:

  • Preservation of existing credit lines
  • Fixed, low monthly payments
  • Elimination of equipment obsolescence
  • Sustained working capital and cash flows
  • Tax and accounting benefits

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If your business is dealing with less than optimal equipment, then purchasing new is a necessity. Instead of dipping into your savings or existing working capital, contact a Masters Commercial Capital Group representative to apply for equipment financing or Leasing.