Purchase Order Financing Explained

Purchase Order Financing Explained

When a customer inquiries about placing a large order for your startup, you want to be ready and provide the right services. But what if you check your inventory and realize you don’t have the needed goods at hand? And what if you lack the funds to purchase what the customer needs from your supplier? To help you fulfill the orders, consider utilizing purchase order financing.

What Is Purchase Order Financing?

For small businesses that don’t yet have a track record of success, qualifying for business loans to supplement their operations is hard.  As a startup, you don’t want to lose customers for failing to meet their demands. To remain competitive, you want to secure the goods and keep up with the demand. With purchase order financing, you have a financing option to handle the customers’ needs despite the limited cash flow or economic crisis.

Parties Involved in Purchase Order Financing


This is a company or entrepreneur looking for financing to purchase the goods needed by the customers and fulfill their orders. The seller seeks quotes from the supplier against the customer’s orders and uses the information to pursue purchase order financing.


The alternative financing company provides the seller with the funds needed for the purchase of the goods. Before funding the borrower’s business, they review the purchase order and the seller’s qualifications. Once they check and ascertain the seller’s needs and qualifications, they give the supplier the funds to fulfill the orders at hand. After receiving the quotes, the lender deals with the supplier.


The company or party that provides the goods or materials needed to fulfill the customers’ demands. The lender disburses the funds directly to the supplier’s account to facilitate the purchase of goods and fulfill the customer’s orders. The supplier plays an integral role in the purchase order financing process.


The customer contacts the seller/borrower and makes an initial purchase order requesting the goods from their company. After receiving the request and final, they finance the process by making payments. This payment goes directly to the lender and bails the seller out of the repayment process.

To fulfill the customer’s orders, one should understand the links between the seller, the lender, and the supplier. This calls for effective guidance on purchase order financing. Contact Masters Commercial Capital Group today and handle the process with ease.