PPC Versus SEO

PPC Versus SEO

What works better to get a website more attention– Pay Per Click or Search Engine Optimization? How do each of these options work on their own and together? These questions, and more, are answered below.

PPC Alone

As the name implies, PPC is always a paid service. PPC can be used on social media or on other websites. This service works by paying for so many clicks on an advertisement (this works for both when the advertisement is hosted on a website or social media page). 

There are two ways in which this is generally done. The first way is to pay for a certain number of clicks. The advertisement will stay up until all of the clicks have taken place. Afterward, the advertisement will be taken down or whoever placed the advertisement will have the option to pay for more clicks. The second option is to pay-per click. Whoever places the advertisement will pay for each click on a regular basis (once a month, etc). The more people who click on the advertisement, the more the advertisement placer will pay, but the more website views their website is guaranteed to get.

With PPC, there is a guaranteed view per click. However, this always comes at a literal price. So, there are equal pros and cons.

SEO Alone

SEO can be free, but it takes a lot of hard work to get a great SEO score. When a website has a great SEO score, the link to the website will appear higher up in search results on Google and similar search engines.

Websites can get a higher SEO score by optimizing keywords. To have a good SEO score, most search engines prefer each post/page to have a 1-2% keyword density. Adding tags, images, and the correct headers can also improve a page/post’s SEO score.

Again, any website can try to improve their SEO score for free. Website builders, like WordPress, can give SEO scores automatically and suggest improvements as well.

PCC and SEO Together

Both PPC and SEO have their pros and cons. While any website can use either, a business owner is likely to get the best results if both are used. This will help the page/post will appear higher on online search results as well as get more page/post views by having people click on advertisements. 

Using PPC is best for website owners who have more money to invest in their website. SEO is for website owners who have more time to invest. Both are solid options to increase web traffic.