In the News: Up to $25,000 in Grants Available in February

Grants support a wide range of causes, including beautification initiatives. These grants for small businesses provide financial aid to enhance their physical appearance, positively impacting local communities.

These grants can be used for exterior improvements like signage, landscaping, or facade renovations, fostering a more attractive business environment. This improves the aesthetic appeal of local areas and can attract more customers, boosting economic activity. Such grants are a valuable resource for small businesses looking to invest in their physical presence and community appeal.

This month, there are several grants with a February deadline supporting such initiatives. If your business needs some sprucing up, take a look at these and other grants addressing a range of different issues.

Small Business Grants to Apply for in February

If you’re looking to apply for small business grants in February, you’re in luck. A wide range of programs are available to businesses throughout the country, from grants that support rural businesses to those specifically for downtown storefronts.

Citizens Offers Grants to Businesses with Positive Community Impact

Small businesses don’t just serve their customers; they can also be essential components of their communities. So, grant programs often award funds to companies with a positive community impact. Programs from Citizens Bank, along with several others, are offering opportunities.

Small Business News February 2, 2024

This week, the new roundup includes the announcement by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) of the revitalization of its 7(j) Training Program. It is now Empower to Grow (E2G), and it looks to improve federal contracting for small businesses. There is also news on how AI data integration challenges and overburdened IT teams impact small businesses. For that and more, take a look at the rest of the roundup.

Zoom’s App for Apple Vision Pro Redefines Hybrid Collaboration

Zoom’s latest innovation, an app specifically designed for the Apple Vision Pro, marks a significant leap into the realm of spatial computing, revolutionizing how users experience virtual meetings.

Venmo’s New Business Profiles: A Game-Changer for Small Businesses

Venmo has introduced enhanced business profiles designed to foster stronger connections between local businesses and their customers. This move represents a crucial step for small businesses aiming to expand their reach and engage with a loyal customer base in an increasingly digital marketplace.

How AI, Data Integration Challenges, and Overburdened IT Teams Impact Small Businesses

The promise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost productivity is immense, yet challenges in data integration and the pressures on IT teams pose significant hurdles. This is the key takeaway from the latest Salesforce research, which has crucial implications for small business owners.

SBA’s Empower to Grow Initiative Aims to Boost Federal Contracting

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has announced the revitalization of its 7(j) Training Program. Now rebranded as Empower to Grow (E2G), this initiative aims to enhance the readiness of small disadvantaged businesses (SDBs) for federal contracting, a key growth area under the Biden-Harris Administration.

Minnesota Tech Entrepreneur Indicted in Multi-Million Dollar Offshore Tax Evasion Scheme

David V. Erickson, a former resident of Excelsior, Minnesota, and a licensed CPA has been charged with multiple counts of tax evasion, assisting in the preparation of false tax returns and making false statements to federal agents. The indictment, which was unsealed today in St.

What It Was Like to Be In the Room When All the Big Tech Decisions Were Made

What is it like to be “in the room where it happened” for some of the biggest moments in tech history like the launch of iTunes or a bid to buy Apple? I always wondered if all the participants knew it was a pivotal moment or they only realized it later.

Kansas Business Owner Charged in Major Employment Tax Scheme

Ephantus Mwangi, a Missouri man and owner of True Payments Solutions Inc. (TPS) based in Kansas, faced his initial court appearance yesterday. The appearance follows an indictment by a federal grand jury in December 2023, charging him with willful failure to pay over-employment taxes to the IRS.

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