3 Keys to Curating Content for Engagement

3 Keys to Curating Content for Engagement

Driving engagement online can be an extremely frustrating project. On one hand, it seems simple; if you present interesting and useful information, it should spread across the internet. On the other, the digital space is extremely crowded and competitive. Here are some tips that should help you implement curation tactics strategically and effectively.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of the First Sentence

It’s tempting to let content speak for itself. If you’re reposting or sharing articles, they probably have decent titles or headlines. Many curators miss the massive opportunity, however, to add their own spin and make them even more impactful. Think of it as an introduction; it’s crucial to make a powerful first impression. This is especially true if the format of your site allows you to differentiate your thoughts from the article. Use eye-catching, action words, or promise the number of tips readers will find in the piece.

Get the Creators’ Attention

Content curation relies solely on intellectual property written or created by others. You must, of course, attribute it properly, giving full credit and not representing it as your own. Sensitivity to content creators is imperative. You can use this approach as an advantage, however. If you can catch the creators’ eye with your sharing of their work, they may be able to “put some muscle” behind it, and help you gain traction online.

Here’s an example to help illustrate: let’s say you find an article that you want to share. It never hurts to reach out to the creator before you publish it. If they ask you not to use it, it’s better to know that upfront and move on. In the more likely case that they welcome it, having heard from you may put them on the lookout for it. They may share it with their audience, which could have huge benefit to you. Be sure to tag them when you post and thank them or send them a link if you think it will be welcomed.

Find the Hidden Gems with RSS

Finally, recognize that sharing the same content that everyone else does won’t do you much good. You should dig deeper to find metaphorical diamonds in the rough that have been under-seen or under-shared. This will take a bit more time and effort, but RSS feeds can be a gold mine to lead you towards this sort of quality, undiscovered content.

Curation involves lots of juggling and management of moving parts. If done well, however, there are few limits to the size your audience could potentially reach. These tips should help you cut through and grow!