tvOS 17 launches new video conferencing features, in a significant move for small businesses

Apple is set to launch a software update, tvOS 17, for its Apple TV 4K this fall. The update will introduce FaceTime, video conferencing applications, and an overhauled Control Center to enhance user experience and interaction.

In a significant shift, the launch of FaceTime on Apple TV 4K will enable users to access the popular app on their TV screens for the first time. The Control Center, designed to provide a personalized user experience, will offer improved compatibility with iPhones.

“tvOS 17 transforms the biggest screen in the home with FaceTime and new video conferencing capabilities, giving Apple TV 4K users the ability to easily connect with anyone right from their living room,” said Bob Borchers, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “New features and enhancements make Apple TV simpler to use and even more enjoyable, reinforcing it as the absolute best option in the living room for Apple customers.”

The update comes as an essential tool for small business owners, given the current prevalence of remote work and digital collaborations. The introduction of video conferencing on Apple TV 4K could change the dynamics of virtual team meetings, presentations, and pitches, offering more flexibility and comfort.

Later this year, integration of video conferencing apps such as Webex by Cisco and Zoom will augment this functionality. Apple’s announcement also allows developers to use Continuity Camera APIs on Apple TV 4K to integrate iPhone or iPad camera and microphone into their tvOS apps.

The updated Control Center’s system status updates will enable business owners to monitor their Apple TV activity. Furthermore, the tvOS 17 update will improve the integration of Apple TV and iPhone by introducing a remote locator in the iPhone’s Control Center.

The tvOS 17 update is poised to enhance Apple TV 4K’s standing as a top-tier entertainment device in the living room, adding video calls to its range of services including movies, shows, music, and games. The upcoming release presents a significant development for both entertainment seekers and small business owners.

Image: apple

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