The Health and Business Benefits of a Great Night of Sleep

Running a business demands a hectic schedule. With what seems like a never-ending list of tasks, it can be easy for entrepreneurs to forgo sleep. However, sacrificing sleep in order to run a business is not always conducive with success.

Shedding light on the importance of sleep for productivity, creativeness, memory, sanity, and all requirements for entrepreneurial success, Online Mattress Review, a resource for honest and trustworthy mattress reviews and rankings, has composed an infographic.

Health and Business Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

The ‘Why the Rich and Successful get a Full Night of Sleep’ infographic points to some valuable research, statistics and information about the importance of sleep for business success.

Sleep and Productivity

It stands to reason that sufficient sleep and productivity go hand in hand, as nobody is much use if they’re trying to work with their head nodding at their desk due to a lack of Zzzs.

The infographic confirms the impact lost sleep has on productivity, stating a staggering $411 billion is lost in productivity every year due to insufficient sleep among Americans.

And there’s more. Poor sleep results in 2.28% less on the American GDP and causes 1.2 million working days to be lost.

By contrast, those who regularly get between 7 and 8 hours sleep a night are 29% more productive than those who sleep less than 5, thereby increasing their chances of success.

The infographic quotes the wise words of Ryan Hurd, an independent researcher and founder of, who says:

“Sleep deprivation is an illegal torture method outlawed by the Geneva Convention and international courts, but most of us to it to ourselves.”

Benefits of Adequate Sleep

The research also points to the benefits of regularly having ample sleep, which are vital to anyone running their own business.

Improved memory, enhanced creativity and problem-solving skills, and a reduction of errors and potential accidents, are among the leading benefits. Better productivity and performance are other key benefits, with well-rested employees saving companies up to $1.976 per year.

Good Sleep Practices

The infographic also lists good sleep practices, which include laundering bedsheets often, reducing alcohol consumption, using a weighted blanked, exercising more, and getting a more comfortable mattress.

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