The Best Camera Covers for Your Laptop

You have probably heard of the horrific stories of people who have been spied on through their computer’s webcam. While webcams revolutionized the video call experience by allowing people to see the people they are talking to on the other end of the line, they also opened up another window for hackers to spy on you. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix to this frightening problem – cover your camera. Physical camera covers for your laptop are an easy and inexpensive way to take control of your privacy and get some peace of mind when using your computer. The best covers are insanely thin and small and work all the time – as long as you actually use them. Best of all, most cost just a few bucks and can be installed and removed pretty easily. Here are some of our top picks.

Best Camera Covers for Your Laptop

Top Pick: CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide
Runner Up: Eyebloc Webcam Cover
Best Value: EYSOFT Webcam Cover

CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide – 2-Pack

Top Pick: Protect your digital life using the CloudValley webcam cover. This ultra-thin matte black cover uses a strong 3M adhesive that makes sure the cover stays in place once installed. Installation is also super easy, simply align and attach the cover to your webcam. Thanks to its minimalist design, this cover will not interfere with web use or the indicator light. It is compatible with MacBook Pro 13 and 15, and a bunch of other laptops and tablets.

CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide[2-Pack], 0.023 Inch Ultra-Thin Metal Web Camera Cover for MacBook Pro

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Eyebloc Webcam Cover

Runner Up: It is easy to see why this laptop cover is on Amazon’s choice list. This aesthetically pleasing cover is meticulously crafted of high-quality, powder-coated carbon stainless steel that easily complements MacBook’s premium quality. It also uses built-in magnets that allow for easy laptop opening and closing. The patented super thin design removes any risk of damage to your screen, so you can safely travel with your laptop lid fully closed. This laptop cover is compatible with a variety of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models.

Eyebloc Webcam Cover for All MacBook and MacBook Pro Models

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EYSOFT Webcam Cover – 5 Pack

Best Value: Secure your webcam privacy using the EYSOFT. This pack of five covers is not only affordable but also highly revered for its superior sliding mechanism and thin size. The covers can easily be applied on a variety of laptops, iPads, MacBooks, and most smartphones. The cover also uses the best adhesive that allows for easy attachment and it won’t leave any traces on removal.

Webcam Cover, Webcam Cover Slide

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MESMOS Laptop Camera Cover – 6 Pack

The MESMOS covers are the perfect combo of cuteness and privacy and are certainly a great gift for people who love plants. Each pack comes with 6 unique indoor plant designs and thanks to the super minimal design the MESMOS can be used on iPads, iPhones, MacBook Pro, and a variety of other laptops. Show your support for the planet by using these cute plant covers.

MESMOS Laptop Camera Cover Slide Cute

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ZUCUCUC Laptop Cover – 12 Pack

If you have a lot of gadgets that you need covers for, then you should consider the ZUCUCUC covers. This pack comes in two different cover sizes – 6 large covers for your laptops and 6 small sizes for your tablets and smartphones. The super-slim covers are made of durable high-strength ABS plastic.

Laptop Camera Cover Slide, 12 Pack Webcam Cover

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FANKUTOYS Webcam Cover – 12 Pack

Add a flair of fun to your devices using the FANKUTOYS webcam cover. This easy to install cover fits a variety of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The ultra-thin design allows for the safe and complete closure of the laptop lid. This pack of 12 covers costs just about eight bucks and is certainly a great gift choice.

FANKUTOYS Webcam Cover Slide for Laptop

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TRILINK Webcam Cover – 6 Pack

If you are looking for more than two covers, the TRILINK covers are certainly a good option. This pack of 6 covers comes in two styles – 3 oval and 3 rectangular-shaped covers. The covers use a super-thin design and are undetectable when the laptop lid is closed. They are compatible with most MacBooks, MacBook Pro, iPads, tablets, and laptops. They also come with a cleaning pad and a 12-month warranty.

Webcam Cover 6-Pack, Web Camera Cover Slide Ultra-Thin

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What to Look for When Buying Camera Covers for Your Laptop

As you might already tell, there are tons of camera covers out there. Finding the best covers for your laptop requires more than just a price consideration. You need to think about compatibility, design, the adhesive used, and so on. Let’s dive into these considerations.

Adhesive: This is critical. You need a cover that uses a strong adhesive that will keep your cover perfectly aligned and in place, but at the same time, it should also be easy to remove. Some of the best webcam covers use the 3M adhesive.
Compatibility: It should be on top of this list. You need to make sure that your cover is compatible with your laptop type, whether that’s a MacBook, HP, Dell, or any other laptop brand. Some manufacturers will also go ahead and state the devices that are not compatible with their cover, so make sure you take all this into consideration. You certainly do not want to end with any damage on your screen just because you used the wrong cover.
Style: Other than affordability, the larger cover packs will often feature more than one cover style. You, therefore, get a variety of covers for your smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops.
Thickness: Whenever possible, go for the thinnest cover as it usually means that you will have less worry about the computer lid not closing completely.
Appeal: Some covers also give you a chance to add some flair to your laptops. You can now find a wide variety of laptop designs including some that feature the US flag that you can use to showcase your nationalism. Plant designs are also available if you care about the climate, and there is even something for dogs and cat lovers.



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