Texas Republican to Chair House Small Business Committee

Texas Republican Roger Williams, newly appointed chair of the House’s Small Business Committee, has been a life-long small business owner.

His family owns a car dealership and also a cattle business.

Williams, elected to the House in 2012, also serves on the House Financial Services Committee.

House Small Business Committee Goals

The Republican-led House Committee has set out these goals for the upcoming term:

Advocate for free market principles and pro-growth policies
Rigorous oversight of the current administration, especially costly policies and regulatory burdens
Highlight the American Dream and success stories of small business owners, entrepreneurs and innovators from all corners of the US

The Committee has also set out the following 5 priorities:

Reform the Small Business Administration
Enhance private sector lending
Empower entrepreneurs
Enhance small business federal contracting
Keep focus on oversight and transparency

Background on Rep. Roger Williams

Williams grew up in Fort Worth and attended Texas Christian University. He was drafted by the Atlanta Braves and spent several years in the farm leagues. He coaches baseball at TCU.

In 2005 Williams was appointed Texas Secretary of State and Chief Liaison for the Texas border.

Since his electionto the House in 2012, Williams has coached and managed the Republican Congressional Baseball Team.

Recent Bills Sponsored

Williams has sponsored HR 7664, Small Business Career & Technical Education Act. The bill has passed the House and in currently in the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneur Committee.

Williams has also sponsored HR6802, Preventing Racial Profiling in Lending.

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