Spotlight: Hillside Harvest Brings Authentic Jamaican Flavors to the Northeast

Caribbean inspired foods are full of unique flavors. The founder of Hillside Harvest grew up with these flavors in his family’s restaurant. And now, he’s bringing them to the Northeast. Read about the company’s journey in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers flavor-forward hot sauces and marinades.

Some popular products include:

Jamaican jerk marinade
Pineapple fresno sauce
Hot pepper hot sauce
Sun kissed tomato hot sauce

Business Niche

Providing authentic flavors.

Founder Kamaal Jarrett is from Kingston, Jamaica. He always had a passion for food and spent lots of time at his family’s restaurant. Now, he aims to provide the unique flavors he grew up with to customers throughout the Northeast.

How the Business Got Started

As a pivot.

Jarrett explained to Small Business Trends, “It first started as an idea for a quick service restaurant and then morphed into a CPG focused business.”

Biggest Win

Prominent placement at a nationwide retailer.

Jarrett explains that the company’s biggest win so far is, “Getting accepted into the North Atlantic region of Whole Foods Market in our second year of business.”

Biggest Risk

Taking on an expensive advertising opportunity.

Jarrett says, “We took a risk on a local professional sports team sponsorship that cost over a quarter of our revenue at the time. The benefit is that it gave us credibility in a crowded market and helped us sign on additional wholesale accounts.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Hiring and expanding their B2C business.

Favorite Pastime

Tricking family members into helping with production.

Jarrett jokes, “If I want to get back at a friend or family member for something they’ve done, I can just ask them to help in production. A 5 hour shift of tearing-up and coughing from pepper fumes usually atones for any wrong doing.”

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Image: Hillside Harvest, Kamaal Jarrett

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