SBA Adds 2 Courses to Ascent Digital Learning Platform for Small Business

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has announced the launch of two new educational courses to the Ascent digital learning platform.

Ascent is a free learning platform for women entrepreneurs. It provides women-owned small businesses with the resources to drive growth through business partnerships and access to important business information.

SBA Adds 2 Courses to Ascent Digital Learning Platform for Small Business

One of the new courses offered on the Ascent platform is called Partnerships Journey. The module informs women entrepreneurs of the value of business partnerships for driving business growth.

The second new module is known as the Entrepreneurial Leadership Journey. The course is dedicated to helping women build and refine leaderships skills to nurture growth.

Putting Women-Led Businesses in a Better Position for Growth

It is important that women-owned businesses and women entrepreneurs thinking about starting their own business, know about the new modules offered on the Ascent platform. Accessing this free tool can put women-led businesses in a better position for growth and success.

As Natalie Madeira Cofield, SBA Assistant Administrator of the Office for Women’s Business Ownership, commented: “With the strong vision and action of Administrator Guzman, we continue advancing our entrepreneurial education experience through technology forward and timely online learning systems such as Ascent.

“We look forward to announcing more educational initiatives to position our diverse small business ecosystems to thrive,” Cofield added.

Helping Thousands of Small Businesses Succeed

Since launching in 2021, the SBA’s Ascent platform has helped almost 50,000 businesses and young entrepreneurs in vital business issues. These range from assisting with the writing of business plans to the having access to capital and informing of legal aspects.

The new modules to the Ascent program expand on the services and support offered to women entrepreneurs and small business owners.

The Partnerships Journey comprises of four components, including the value of partnerships, opportunities, and strategic growth. The Entrepreneurial Leadership Journey consists of 11 components designed at building business ownership and leadership confidence, improving decision management and leadership techniques.

Small businesses can register for the Ascent program for free.

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