QuickBooks Announces New Premium Integrations

Intuit QuickBooks recently announced that they introducing two new premium integrations for QuickBooks Online Advanced.

QuickBooks Announces New Premium Integrations

The first integration is Spreadsheet Sync which enables two-way syncing with Excel to help customers streamline their reporting processes. The second integration is Centage Planning Maestro which provides automated budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analytics capabilities.

New Syncing and Automation Options for Small Businesses

The new integrations for QuickBooks Online Advanced will enable small business owners to manage their books with fewer manual processes. They will also provide greater data access, along with clearer visibility and integrity. This works by eliminating manual data entry and other complications associated with CSV imports. The new integrations also support the creation of customized reports and analysis.

Quickbook Spreadsheets ‘Making Lives Easier’

The QuickBooks Vice President of Mid-Market Small Business at Intuit, Kelly Vincent, said of the new integrations: “We know our customers know their spreadsheets, and we believe that we can make their lives easier by connecting the power of spreadsheets to QuickBooks Online Advanced. Bringing this crucial ability to easily sync data with spreadsheets will help our customers save time, reduce errors and build the highly customized reports, analyses, budgets, forecasts and visuals they need to make informed decisions for their businesses.”

Quickbooks also explained on their website that their customers can: “Avoid manual errors by seamlessly connecting with Excel. Add and edit data in bulk in your spreadsheet and sync it directly into QuickBooks Online Advanced.

They say the new integrations also allow their customers to ‘dig deeper’ into their finances, adding: “Track your business performance by leveraging Excel to customize reports with your QuickBooks Online Advanced data. Use pre-made templates, build consolidated reports for multiple companies, and refresh your data in a single step.

Quickbooks also say that their customers can continue working with the tools they are used to as there is no need to throw out older spreadsheets.

How Spreadsheet Sync and Planning Maestro Works

With Spreadsheet Sync, you sync Excel to your QuickBooks Online Advanced account in order to pull data into an Excel spreadsheet, edit it, and then post back to QuickBooks Online Advanced. You can also create new data to post to QuickBooks Online Advanced using the in-built list templates. If you need to create custom reports and refresh them with up-to-date QuickBooks Online Advanced data, then this is also now possible with Spreadsheet Sync.

The key benefits of Planning Maestro by Centage is the ability to plan and forecast more accurately thanks to built-in intelligence that automatically pulls actuals. It then quickly creates an accurate budget, with the potential for human error or duplicated data eliminated.

The real-time data available via Planning Maestro also helps you adapt to changes faster, and allows you to share critical information throughout the business.

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