Meet the Person That Created the Barcode

Can you imagine business without the barcode? Ten billion or more times each day, electronic scanners read data encoded in black-and-white codes—barcodes—printed on or affixed to physical goods in a store or a warehouse. Where did the ubiquitous barcode come from?

On The Small Business Radio Show this week, I talked with the creator of the barcode,  Paul V. McEnroe, who is an award-winning engineer who developed multiple state-of-the-art technologies during his long career, including more than two decades in leadership roles at IBM.

He is best known for his primary role in developing the Universal Product Code (UPC), the barcode used on every product in supermarkets and the retail industry, and the scanners that read them. He has a new book out called “The Barcode”.

This is what I asked Paul:

How does it feel to have created something that literally changed the world?
Winning the barcode revolution: how the barcode team was able to move from no position in the supermarket and retail industry to become its sole leader
Correcting misinformation: how the development of the barcode technology was a team effort
What the development of the barcode has taught us about the power of technological innovation
How to effectively manage a team to accomplish seemingly impossible goals
The barcode’s transformative effect on the retail industry, specifically in terms of automation and efficiency
The future of the QR code
Why younger generations should focus their work on solving issues that will improve conditions for their fellow men, women, and society, as opposed to just making money
Navigating the long-term impacts of a life-changing invention
The Future of Retail Systems: the familiar point of sale is only the tip of the iceberg

Listen to the entire interview about the creation of the barcode.

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