Mastercard and The Clearing House to Advance Real-Time Payments

Mastercard and The Clearing House (TCH) have taken a significant step towards enhancing the digital economy by extending their multi-year partnership, focusing on the adoption and evolution of real-time payments (RTP) on the RTP® network. This collaboration reaffirms Mastercard’s role as the exclusive instant payments software provider for TCH’s RTP network, setting the stage for innovative payment solutions across various sectors.

Since the launch of the RTP network by The Clearing House in 2017, the first new payment rail in 40 years, developed and powered by Mastercard, real-time payments have transformed financial transactions in the U.S. RTP offers consumers instant access to payments and ensures confidence that payments are received anytime. For businesses, RTP is a game-changer, streamlining customer payments, expediting wage disbursements, enhancing liquidity management, and optimizing capital workflows. Governments also benefit, as RTP can stimulate local economies through efficient disbursement and settlement processes.

Linda Kirkpatrick, President of Americas at Mastercard, highlights the importance of this partnership: “Technology is providing consumers and businesses greater choice in how they want to pay and be paid. Our long-term partnership with The Clearing House supports choice in payments through the enablement of modern and ubiquitous real-time rails for bank-owned payments. We’re pleased to extend and enhance our support of The Clearing House and its owner banks to deliver on our mutual goals to provide safety, reliability, and efficiency of real-time payments.”

Real-time payments are not just about the speed of transactions. They encompass extensive data exchange, real-time messaging, and availability at any time. Mastercard and The Clearing House are committed to continuously investing and developing real-time account-to-account technologies. This commitment extends not only to the RTP network in the U.S. but also to similar initiatives globally.

Lee Alexander, EVP and Chief Information Officer at The Clearing House, expressed his views on the partnership: “The Clearing House and Mastercard designed and delivered the RTP network, the premier instant payment platform in the United States, and have a strong history of working together to deliver innovative, scalable, and secure products. The expanded partnership will help both companies design the next generation of instant payment capabilities for financial institutions and their customers.”

The RTP network’s rapid payment capabilities are now accessible to financial institutions representing nearly 90% of U.S. demand deposit accounts. Designed to cater to institutions of all sizes, the RTP network serves as a foundation for financial innovation, enabling institutions to offer novel products and services. Moreover, financial institutions have multiple avenues for integrating into the RTP network, be it directly, through third-party service providers, bankers’ banks, or corporate credit unions.

The strengthened partnership between Mastercard and The Clearing House marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of real-time payments. This collaboration is set to empower consumers, businesses, and governments with faster, more reliable, and efficient payment solutions, thus playing a crucial role in shaping the future of digital transactions and the overall financial landscape.

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