In the News: Grants of Up to $250K Availalbe for Small Businesses

Grants for businesses taking on vacant storefronts provide support for revitalizing commercial areas. Targeting businesses willing to occupy vacant storefronts benefits businesses and the community.

They enable entrepreneurs to launch or expand their ventures with reduced financial risk. These grants often cover renovations, rent, and operational costs, making prime locations more accessible. By revitalizing empty spaces, they enhance local economic activity and community vibrancy. Additionally, such grants encourage innovation and diversity in business offerings, contributing to the dynamic growth of commercial districts.

Up to $3 Million Available for Businesses That Fill Vacant Downtown Locations

Many Main Street businesses have closed in recent years, leaving vacant storefronts in communities throughout the U.S. Now, some communities are launching small business grant programs to encourage more businesses to fill those spaces.

Small Business News February 9, 2024

This week, the roundup includes technology news from AT&T and TransUnion about branded call display technology, the impact of AI on content marketing and SEO, and how you should go about hiring and using interns in your small business.

AT&T and TransUnion Introduce Branded Call Display Technology

In partnership with TransUnion, AT&T has unveiled a cutting-edge service that marks a significant advancement in telecommunication: the industry’s first in-network branded call display featuring logos.

Semrush Reports AI’s Transformative Impact on Content Marketing and SEO

Semrush’s latest report, “Think Big with AI: Transforming Small Business Content Marketing,” offers an in-depth analysis on the pivotal role Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays in reshaping content marketing and SEO strategies.

How to Hire and Use Interns in Your Small Business

With fewer professional job opportunities in popular fields, lots of job seekers and employers are now turning to “the internship.” Unfortunately, over the years, the internship has gone from apprenticeship to just plain “free help.

What is an SBA 7(a) Loan?

Think you need a lot of money to get a small business loan? Not so with an SBA 7(a) loan. In this post, we’ll outline what this SBA loan is, who qualifies for it, and how to go about getting one.

How to Fix Your Credit — 17 Easy Ways to Boost Your Score

In today’s economic environment, understanding how to fix your credit is not just a matter of personal pride but a crucial step towards ensuring both personal and business financial health. The process of credit repair comes with a multitude of benefits. It paves the way for more financing opportunities, accompanied by lower interest rates and more attractive loan terms.

Where to Get a Loan to Buy a Business: Navigating Your Options

Securing a substantial loan to buy a business is often essential when you aspire to acquire an existing business. Whether it’s to foot all or a portion of the initial purchase price, a variety of small business financing options are at your disposal.

Types of Small Business Financing Options

Wondering the difference between the types of small business financing options? Getting the right financial product for your small business is important. However, entrepreneurs should be careful about which small business financing options they choose.

5 Types of Crowdfunding To Know About for Success

Crowdfunding campaigns have recently emerged as a way to secure funding for projects and businesses. A successful crowdfunding campaign can be incredibly useful as a way to gain investment for your business and attract customers. In this article, we’ll explore the various types of crowdfunding that could be the right fit for business startups.

Avoid These 15 Top Small Business Loan Mistakes

In this article, we will take a look at some of the top small business loan mistakes you can make.  Small businesses have traditionally had a hard time accessing extra capital — i.e., through small business loans — from banks, big and small. And economic realities and forecasts dictate, generally, just how generous these institutions are at any given time.

7 Small Business Funding Facts You May Not Know

Getting funding for your small business is essential but not always as straightforward as you might think. Here are 7 small business funding facts you might not know about but should. Small Business Funding Facts 1. You Need to Keep a Positive Ending Balance Hanna Kassis works for Segway Financial.

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