House Committee Passes Six Bills Favoring Main Street

In a significant win for small businesses across America, the House Committee on Small Business recently approved six bills, all aimed at providing additional support and resources to small businesses and veterans. Chairman Roger Williams (R-TX), who led the committee’s markup, expressed his gratitude towards the members for introducing these “sensible bipartisan bills.”

Chairman Williams said, “Today’s successful markup is just the start of the Committee’s work in being the voice for Main Street America here in Washington. I want to thank all our members for their hard work in introducing these sensible bipartisan bills that would have a positive impact on our country’s small businesses and our nation’s veterans.”

The six bills, passed unanimously or with strong bipartisan support, are now moving to the House of Representatives.

H.R. 1644 – The “7(a) Loan Agent Oversight Act”: Introduced by Reps. Meuser, Phillips, and Luetkemeyer, this bill was unanimously approved by the committee.
H.R. 1651 – The “Small Business 7(a) Loan Agent Transparency Act”: Also introduced by Reps. Phillips and Meuser, this bill garnered unanimous support as well.
H.R. 1541 – The “Small Business Workforce Pipeline Act of 2023”: Introduced by Reps. Crow, Molinaro, Thanedar, and Salazar, this bill was approved with 21 Yeas and one Nay.
H.R. 1730 – The “Supporting Small Businesses and Career and Technical Education Act of 2023”: Introduced by Chairman Williams, Reps. Gluesenkamp Perez, and Luetkemeyer, this bill also received unanimous approval.
H.R. 1606 – The “Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Act of 2023”: Introduced by Rep. Schneider, Chairman Williams, Reps. McGarvey, and Ellzey, the bill garnered a unanimous vote of 23 Yeas.
H.R. 3511 – The “Service-Disabled Veteran Opportunities in Small Business Act”: Finally, introduced by Reps. LaLota and McGarvey, this bill was not put to a vote during the announcement.

The unanimous and near-unanimous support for these bills underscores the bipartisan commitment to fostering a healthy environment for small businesses and veterans. From increasing transparency and oversight in loan agents to supporting workforce development and creating opportunities for veterans, these bills collectively signal a promising step towards nurturing entrepreneurship and small business growth across the United States.

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