Heated Work Gloves: Protect Your Hands from Bitter Cold

In the heart of a brisk winter, the comfort of warm hands is a necessity when you’re on the job. Heated gloves can provide solace against the biting cold. They also typically have features like extra strong grip, touchscreen fingertips, and others that come in quite handy in the workplace. In this guide, we’ll help you find the best-heated work gloves to prevent cold fingers and help you stay warm.

What are Heated Gloves?

Heated work gloves are equipped with heating elements powered by rechargeable batteries. They provide distributed heat to keep your fingers warm. High-quality heated gloves are designed to offer warmth without compromising on dexterity, making them ideal for various outdoor professions.

Types of Heated Gloves

Heated gloves come in a variety of designs, catering to different needs. While some heated work gloves are rugged and durable for heavy-duty use, others are slim fit for dexterity. Most heated gloves have integrated heating elements with multiple heat settings, ensuring your hands stay warm in any cold environment.

Choosing the Right Heated Gloves

The right pair of heated work gloves may differ by job type and other factors, but there are some consistent qualities that all good heated gloves should have. We used these criteria when curating our list of recommended heated gloves to ensure a balanced consideration of functionality, safety, and value:

Heating Efficiency:

Scale: 9/10
Why: The primary function of heated gloves is to provide warmth. Effective heating is crucial, especially in extremely cold conditions.

Battery Life:

Scale: 8/10
Why: Long battery life ensures uninterrupted use, which is vital for outdoor work or long hours in cold environments.

Comfort and Fit:

Scale: 8/10
Why: Comfortable gloves that fit well are essential for maintaining dexterity and ease of movement, especially for tasks requiring fine motor skills.

Durability and Material Quality:

Scale: 7/10
Why: High-quality materials ensure the gloves can withstand regular use and harsh conditions, making them a cost-effective investment.

Water Resistance:

Scale: 7/10
Why: Water resistance is important for use in snowy or wet conditions, protecting hands from getting wet and cold.

Flexibility and Dexterity:

Scale: 6/10
Why: Gloves should allow easy movement of fingers for tasks that require precision, without compromising on the heating aspect.

Safety Features:

Scale: 6/10
Why: Features like automatic shut-off and low-battery indicators enhance safety, especially in products relying on electrical heating.

Adjustable Heat Settings:

Scale: 5/10
Why: Allows customization of warmth levels to suit varying external temperatures and personal comfort.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance:

Scale: 4/10
Why: Easy-to-clean gloves save time and maintain hygiene, especially when used frequently.

Price and Warranty:

Scale: 4/10
Why: While important, price should be weighed against quality and features. A good warranty can also be a sign of manufacturer confidence in product quality.

Heated Work Gloves: Our Recommendations

Below are three featured products and our list of ten great heated work gloves on Amazon.

Feature/SpecificationSAVIOR HEAT GlovesDAY WOLF GlovesES Tech Thin Gloves

Material40% lambskin, 60% polyester; Pearl cotton interior with HIPORA waterproof layerPolyester, sheep leather; Velvet liner and insulation cottonWarm-Lock Layer Soft Lycra; Fleece inner lining

Water-ResistantYesYes, with waterproof fabricYes, waterproof polyester exterior

BreathabilityYesYesNot specified

Battery Type7.4v 2200mAh rechargeable batteries (2 pcs)7.4V 2200mAh rechargeable lithium polymer batteries7.4V 3000mAh lithium batteries

Heating CoverageEntire hand back and all fingers to fingertipsEntire back of the hand and all five fingersEntire back of the glove, including fingertips and gaps

Temperature SettingsThree (High, Medium, Low)Three (Low/Medium/High), up to 131°FThree levels with indicator lights

Touchscreen CompatibilityIndex fingertip and thumbThumb and index finger tipsFingertips

Anti-Slip DesignSoft leather palm, curved fingersNot specifiedAnti-slip grip

Additional FeaturesAdjustable thermal control, anti-slip designSize adjustable Velcro, breathableFlexible and lightweight, specially designed battery pocket

SAVIOR HEAT Rechargeable Electric Heated Gloves

These Savior Heat heated gloves are designed for both men and women, providing a combination of warmth, comfort, and functionality. They are particularly suitable for outdoor sports and activities in cold or chilly weather.

Material: 40% lambskin, 60% polyester exterior; Ultra-soft pearl cotton interior with imported heat elements and HIPORA waterproof layer.
Water-Resistant, Windproof & Breathable: Ensures the gloves are water-resistant and windproof while maintaining comfort.
Rechargeable Battery-Powered: Includes 2 pieces of SAVIOR HEAT 7.4v 2200mAh rechargeable batteries.
Adjustable Thermal Control: Features three temperature settings (High, Medium, Low) with easy adjustment using the ON/OFF button.
Heating Coverage: Far-infrared fiber heating elements cover the entire hand back and all fingers up to the fingertips.
Touchscreen Compatible: Sensitive touch screen material on the index fingertip and thumb for easy device use without removing the gloves.
Anti-Slip Design: Soft leather palm and curved fingers for non-slip, strong grip.
Warranty and Support: Offers a 30-day money back/replacement guarantee, with additional products like backup batteries and USB charger available for purchase.

SAVIOR HEAT Rechargeable Electric Heated Gloves

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SNOW LEOPARD Heated Gloves For Men and Women

Material: Outer fabric made of polyester; inner cotton with 3M Thinsulate Insulation Cotton; lining made of velvet fleece.
Heating: Features 3 levels of heating, capable of keeping hands at 125? even at 25?.
Battery: Equipped with two 3200mAh/7.4V batteries, offering up to 8 hours of heat.
Certification: UL, FCC, CE certified batteries for safety and reliability.
360-Degree Warmth: Fast heating in 30 seconds, covering the entire back of the hand from fingers to fingertips.
Heating Wire: Utilizes 30K super-tough double-row heating wire for efficient heat distribution.
Quality Insulation: Waterproof and windproof, featuring durable insulation to prevent cold wind and snow penetration in winter sports.
Palm Design: Made of superfine fibre for non-slip grip and wear resistance, enhancing durability.
Touchscreen Compatibility: Sensitive touchscreen fingers design on the index finger and thumb for easy interaction with electronic devices.
Adjustable Fit: Features an adjustable-buckle wrist strap and drawstring closure to keep out snow and cold air.
Lightweight and Fast Charging: Comfortable and easy to use with lightweight batteries; charges fully in 5 hours.

SNOW LEOPARD Heated Gloves For Men and Women

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Barchie Heat Heated Work Gloves For Men and Women

These BARCHI HEAT gloves are designed to provide warmth and comfort in cold weather conditions, making them suitable for a variety of outdoor activities and work environments. The gloves’ advanced heating system and durable construction make them a practical choice for those needing reliable warmth in winter.

Material: 6-layer composite fabric, featuring windproof and waterproof properties with double-layer insulation and a soft velvet lining.
Durability: Strong anti-abrasion properties ensure the gloves are durable for work use.
Adjustable Temperature and Fast Heating: Three heating power settings (low, medium, and high). Heats up to 150°F on the highest setting with a quick start-up within 30 seconds.
Battery: 7.4V 2200mAh lithium-ion battery, offering up to 7+ hours of warmth depending on the heat level setting.
Touchscreen Compatibility: Touch sensors on the thumb and index finger allow for easy use of smartphones and other electronic devices.
Package Contents: Includes one pair of gloves, charger, two batteries, storage bag, and manual
Warranty and Support: Offers a 1-year warranty with customer support available

Barchie Heat Heated Work Gloves For Men and Women

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WASOTO Heated Work Gloves

Battery: Equipped with a 7.4V 3000mAh rechargeable battery, with up to 8 hours of heat on a low setting. Features FCC and CE international battery safety certifications.
Heating Levels: Offers three adjustable heating levels with a power display function for monitoring remaining battery power.
Material and Build: The palm is made of superfine fiber for increased wear resistance and grip; the glove surface and battery pocket are designed to be waterproof and windproof.
Heating Coverage: Includes 30K super-tough double-row heating wire, covering the entire back of the hand from fingers to fingertips.
Insulation: High-quality cotton filling and velvet lining for improved insulation and comfort.
Warranty and Support: 12 months warranty and 7*24 hours customer service.

WASOTO Heated Work Gloves

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ES Tech Thin Heated Gloves

Heating Element: Covers the entire back of the glove, including fingertips and gaps, for full-hand warmth.
Battery: Includes a pair of 7.4V 3000mAh lithium batteries, offering up to 9.5 hours of heat.
Material: Made of Warm-Lock Layer Soft Lycra and fleece inner lining.
Adjustable Heating: Features a three-level heating system with corresponding indicator lights.
Touchscreen Compatible: Fingertips are capable of operating smartphones and other electronic devices.
Design: Flexible and lightweight with a specially designed battery pocket for wrist agility.
Waterproof: Crafted with a waterproof polyester exterior, protecting hands from snow, rain, and moisture.
Anti-Slip Grip: Designed for a firm grip and practical use in wet or slippery conditions.

ES Tech Thin Heated Gloves

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Magnolia Electric Battery Powered Heated Gloves

Material: Made of spandex, fabric, cotton, and PU leather, designed for cold weather.
Battery Operated: Powered by 3×2 1.5V AA batteries (not included). Suitable for rechargeable li-ion AA batteries for optimal heating.
Comfort and Warmth: Constructed with soft, warm, and breathable materials, providing warmth even without the battery.
Water-Resistant: The surface is made of high-tech splashproof material, suitable for light rain and snowy conditions.
Non-Slip Design: Features non-slip leather in the palm for better grip during riding or driving.
Heating Area: Covers the back of the hands and extends warmth to the full hand, beneficial for blood circulation and conditions like Raynaud’s and arthritis.
Touch Screen Compatibility: Forefinger touch screen capability for convenient use of smart devices without removing gloves.

Magnolia Electric Battery Powered Heated Gloves

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Volt Heated Leather Work Gloves For Women and Men

Volt Heated Work Gloves are durable and designed for various work conditions, ensuring warm hands in extreme cold. The gloves combine comfort with user-centric features, making them suitable various jobs.

Material: Made of premium leather with additional palm padding.
Heating System: Advanced heating mechanism integrated with a rechargeable lithium battery, offering four distinct heat settings.
Durability: Designed for rigorous conditions, featuring a waterproof membrane.
Comfort: Lined with soft fleece and includes double reinforced leather. An adjustable cinch cord at the wrist ensures a snug fit and heat retention.
Design: Equipped with a transparent window for easy monitoring and adjusting of heat settings and checking battery levels.

Volt Heated Leather Work Gloves For Women and Men

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DAY WOLF Heated Gloves For Women and Men

DAY WOLF’s heated gloves are unisex, offering an upgraded heating system and smart touchscreen functionality. They provide warmth and comfort while maintaining usability of electronic devices.

Material: Made of polyester, sheep leather, with a velvet liner and insulation cotton.
Heating System: Built-in far infrared heating elements covering the entire back of the hand and all five fingers.
Battery Life: Includes a pair of 7.4V 2200mAh rechargeable lithium polymer batteries, heating up to 5-6 hours after a 3-4 hour charge.
Temperature: Features three heat settings (Low/Medium/High), up to 131°F on highest setting
Breathable and Waterproof: Made of soft microfiber and water-resistant fabric, with an additional heating layer between the insulation and lining.
Size Adjustable Velcro: Fine Quality Size Adjustable Velcro with Super Seal Grip.
Touchscreen Functionality: The thumb and index finger tips are equipped with sensor fabric for smart device use without removing gloves.

DAY WOLF Heated Gloves For Women and Men

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SNOW DEER Heated Gloves

Material: Made of polyester with a soft, breathable fleece lining.
Batteries: Includes a pair of 7.4V 2200MAH rechargeable lithium polymer batteries.
Heating Duration: Heats up to 2.5-6 hours with a full charge taking around 3-4 hours.
Heating Elements: Far infrared fiber heating elements covering the whole back of the hand and fingers up to the fingertips.
Design: Reinforced stitching on the palm for durability.
Touch Sensor: Equipped with touch sensors on the index finger and thumb for smart device use.
Adjustable Fit: Features an adjustable-buckle wrist strap and drawstring closure to prevent snow and cold air ingress.
Suitable for Outdoor Activities: Ideal for riding, skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting, and other winter sports.

SNOW DEER Heated Gloves

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Royalrose Heated Work Gloves

Material: Made of polyurethane and wool, with a velvet lining for comfort.
Heating Wire: Uses composite fiber material heating wire with a layer of high-temperature resistant silicone for uniform heating and increased safety.
Waterproof and Windproof: The outer layer is windproof, and the gloves have moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties.
Battery: Equipped with a 2500mAh 7.4V ternary lithium battery, FCC/CE certified, offering 2.5-7 hours of heat depending on the setting.
Temperature Adjustment: Three levels of temperature adjustment for tailored warmth.
Touchscreen Compatible: Conductive PU on the thumb and index finger for touchscreen use without removing gloves.
Design: Features abrasion-resistant, non-slip material on the palm.
Warranty and Customer Service: Offers warranty service and professional customer service support.

Royalrose Heated Work Gloves

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Heated Glove Liners

Already have gloves you love? Heated glove liners are a great option for you! They are thin, lightweight liners that fit inside your regular gloves.

Heated glove liners have heating elements, usually made of fine metal wires or advanced fabrics, woven into them. When powered, usually by a rechargeable battery, these elements warm up, providing heat directly to your hands.

Glove liners can be worn with a variety of outer gloves, whether you’re donning heavy-duty work gloves or ski gloves. This flexibility means you don’t have to buy separate heated gloves for different activities – just use the same liners with whatever gloves you already own.

Amazon has just as many great options for heated glove liners as they do for heated gloves! Check them out here.

Practical Applications of Heated Gloves for Business Owners

Heated gloves are more than just a comfort accessory; they’re a functional tool that can significantly benefit business owners, especially those operating in cold environments. Here’s how entrepreneurs across different industries might use heated gloves:

Construction and Outdoor Work:

Protect hands during outdoor construction or renovation projects in winter.
Maintain dexterity and comfort while handling tools or machinery in cold weather.

Landscaping and Gardening Services:

Keep hands warm during outdoor landscaping tasks, such as shoveling snow or winter garden maintenance.
Enhance grip and manual dexterity when using gardening tools in cold conditions.

Hospitality and Event Planning:

Facilitate outdoor event setups in winter, like setting up tents or decorations.
Ensure comfort and efficiency for staff managing outdoor dining areas or events.

Photography and Film Production:

Maintain finger agility and comfort for photographers and videographers working outdoors.
Enable precise control over camera equipment in cold environments.

Sports and Recreation Businesses:

Offer heated gloves for rental or sale at winter sports facilities like ski resorts.
Enhance the comfort of staff and instructors during prolonged exposure to the cold.

Automotive and Repair Services:

Keep mechanics’ hands warm and flexible while working in unheated garages or outdoor settings.
Improve safety and efficiency for roadside assistance and repair tasks in winter.

Retail and Street Vendors:

Provide comfort for outdoor market vendors and retail staff during the winter season.
Enhance the shopping experience for customers by offering heated glove try-outs or purchases.

Delivery and Logistics:

Ensure the hands of delivery personnel stay warm during cold-weather package handling.
Enhance grip and manual handling efficiency for couriers during winter months.

Agriculture and Farming:

Aid in keeping farmers’ hands warm during early morning or late-night chores in cold seasons.
Improve comfort and productivity during livestock feeding and machinery operation in winter.

Healthcare and Emergency Services:

Provide added warmth for healthcare professionals providing outdoor services or in cold environments.
Assist emergency responders with maintaining dexterity in cold-weather rescue and field operations.

By integrating heated gloves into their daily operations, business owners can not only increase comfort and efficiency for themselves and their employees but also potentially improve overall business productivity during the colder months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average battery life of heated gloves?

Most high-quality heated gloves offer battery life ranging from three to eight hours, depending on the heat setting used.

Can heated gloves be used in wet conditions?

Yes, many heated gloves are designed to be water-resistant, making them suitable for use in snowy or rainy conditions.

How will I know if my heated glove liners will fit inside my gloves?

Be sure to consult the manufacturer’s size guide for both the gloves and the liners. Many companies provide their sizing in the product descriptions on Amazon.

How do I choose the right size for heated gloves?

Sizing charts provided by manufacturers are a reliable guide. Ensure the gloves fit snugly but don’t restrict movement.

Are heated gloves safe?

Yes, when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, heated gloves are safe. They are equipped with safety features to prevent overheating.


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