Google Releases Update to Bard

Google just released a new model of Bard with some notable updates.

Here are the key changes that entrepreneurs and small business owners should be aware of:

Enhanced Multilingual Capabilities

Based on user feedback, Bard has been improved to offer more intuitive functions. It now supports interaction in one language and can continue in up to 40+ other languages. The tool provides coding assistance and diverse perspectives on various topics.

Integration with Google Apps

Bard can now retrieve real-time information from Maps, YouTube, Hotels, and Flights. This integration allows users to consolidate data from different Google platforms. Although this feature is on by default, there’s an option to disable it.

Access to Personal Content

Bard can now interface with Gmail, Docs, and Drive, providing users the option to interact with their personal data. Google says user content from these platforms will not be used to train Bard’s public model, and users can choose to disable this feature.

Google It v2: A Verification Tool

Google has integrated Bard with Google Search, allowing users to validate Bard’s AI-generated responses. When a statement can be verified, it will be highlighted for users to review.

Shared Conversations

Bard has introduced a feature that allows users to continue conversations shared with them through its public link sharing feature. This provides an opportunity for users to build upon existing conversations.

Enhanced Language Support and Visual Interaction

Bard now offers features such as image uploads via Google Lens and image-based responses in all supported languages. Additionally, users can adjust Bard’s responses to align with their preferences.

To give these updates a try, head over to your Bard page here.

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