From Leads to Customers: Streamlining Operations with the Right Business Software

Companies are constantly seeking ways to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency. One way of achieving this is by leveraging the power of the right business software. 

From managing leads to converting them into loyal customers, businesses can benefit greatly from integrating software solutions into their workflows. 

Small Biz in 15 speaks with Marc Fishman, Marketing Director at CodeFish, an IT boot camp. Fishman explains how CodeFish has harnessed the potential of software, particularly Zoho, to transform their business and empower their students. 

Fishman also delved into CodeFish’s journey, the significance of software in their operations, and the potential benefits for small businesses looking to adopt similar strategies.

CodeFish: Revolutionizing IT Education

CodeFish is an IT boot camp that specializes in training students from scratch and equipping them with the skills necessary to embark on successful careers in the field. 

Fishman emphasizes their mission of providing students with all the tools needed for a rewarding IT career. 

He states, “We want them confident when they come into an IT field that they’ve been given all of the tools necessary to navigate an actual career in IT. We are literally the first step in a long career.”

Leveraging Software for Enhanced Efficiency

Fishman says his company’s efforts to leverage software to streamline its operations began with a very important decision.

A Shift from Salesforce to Zoho

CodeFish’s journey began with a transition from their original business, Tectorial Academy, to become Code Fish. 

Explaining this transition, Fishman shares, “We maintained the building presence but changed all the marketing over, and now we are CodeFish.” 

As part of their rebranding and operational improvements, CodeFish decided to integrate Zoho into their business processes, moving away from Salesforce. Fishman believes that Zoho presents an opportunity to train great students for businesses and partners, differentiating CodeFish from other coding boot camps.

Targeting the Immigrant Community

CodeFish primarily caters to the immigrant community in Chicago, with around 95% of their students coming from countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkey. However, Fishman recognizes the need to diversify their student base and expand their reach to a broader audience. By leveraging technology solutions like Zoho, CodeFish aims to attract a more diverse range of students.

The Impact of Zoho on CodeFish’s Operations

From marketing to other aspects of CodeFish’s operations, Zoho improves the company’s efficiency in a variety of ways.

Using Zoho as a Comprehensive CRM

Zoho serves as a foundational tool for CodeFish, enabling them to effectively track and manage leads. Fishman highlights, “We use it first and foremost as a CRM, tracking all of our leads.” As a marketing director, Fishman also utilizes Zoho’s marketing tools such as campaigns and Zoho Social to consolidate their marketing efforts.

Exploring Zoho Finance and Integration Opportunities

To further optimize their operations, CodeFish is actively exploring the integration of Zoho Finance and subscription models. Fishman explains, “My goal is to use as many of the 50 apps as humanly possible if only to get in the record books.” By seamlessly tying together various Zoho applications, CodeFish aims to create a holistic and streamlined experience for both their students and internal processes.

Empowering Students Administrators and Instructors

The company doesn’t just use Zoho for its operations. Students also benefit directly from the software.

Portals and Zoho Learn: Transforming Student Experience

CodeFish aims to empower their students by providing self-sufficiency and access to resources through portals and Zoho Learn. Fishman envisions a future where students can address problems independently while having seamless access to educational materials. By transitioning from Google Classroom to Zoho Learn, CodeFish intends to consolidate their educational assets under a unified platform.

Zoho’s Transformative Influence

Zoho’s transformative influence extends beyond the day-to-day aspects of CodeFish operations. The integration of Zoho has also facilitated data-driven decision-making and enhanced communication within the organization. With Zoho’s analytics and reporting capabilities, CodeFish can gain valuable insights into their marketing campaigns, student enrollment patterns, and overall business performance. This data-driven approach enables them to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies that maximize student satisfaction and success.

In addition, Zoho’s collaboration tools, such as Zoho Cliq and Zoho Projects, have streamlined communication and project management within the CodeFish team. From coordinating curriculum updates to facilitating real-time discussions and file sharing, these tools have fostered efficient collaboration among instructors, administrators, and students. The seamless integration of various Zoho applications has created a cohesive ecosystem that supports CodeFish’s mission and empowers their team to deliver exceptional educational experiences.

By harnessing the power of Zoho, CodeFish has not only optimized their operations but also built a strong foundation for continuous growth and innovation. The success of their integration highlights the importance of selecting the right software solutions that align with business goals and enable organizations to thrive in an increasingly competitive market.


In the ever-evolving landscape of business operations, leveraging the right software solutions can significantly impact a company’s success. IT bootcamp CodeFish understands the importance of streamlining their operations and providing an exceptional learning experience to their students. Through their utilization of Zoho, they have been able to transform their processes and enhance the student journey from lead generation to customer conversion.

By integrating Zoho into their business operations, CodeFish has automated their student experience, allowing for seamless tracking of leads and efficient customer management. The comprehensive suite of Zoho applications, such as CRM, campaigns, social media management, and finance tools, has empowered CodeFish to optimize their marketing efforts, streamline their subscription model, and ensure a solid foundation for their students’ IT careers.

Furthermore, CodeFish’s commitment to diversity and inclusion sets them apart, as they aim to attract students from various backgrounds and provide equal opportunities for growth and success. By embracing a diverse student community, CodeFish creates an inclusive learning environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

The success of CodeFish demonstrates the power of integrating the right software solutions into business operations. With a clear focus on providing quality education and equipping their students with the necessary tools, CodeFish has positioned itself as a leading IT bootcamp, helping individuals transition into successful careers in the IT field.

As technology continues to advance, businesses must adapt and leverage software solutions to stay competitive and deliver exceptional experiences to their customers. CodeFish’s journey showcases the potential for transformation that arises when the right software, such as Zoho, is implemented strategically. By embracing innovation and prioritizing the student experience, CodeFish has solidified its position as a reliable and effective IT bootcamp, empowering individuals to thrive in the IT industry.

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