Discover the Best Bubble Wrap for Shipping in 2022

Since its invention in 1960, bubble wrap has been an indispensable part of shipping. These flexible plastic sheets contain small air pockets or bubble pouches and are used to cushion items during shipment and storage. The sealed air bubbles provide a flexible but durable cushion forming a sturdy barrier against impact.

The advantage of bubble wrap over other packing and cushioning materials is its lightweight and protection from shock, vibration, and damage. In addition, it helps to prevent static build-up that might damage electronics. It also helps to store precious items safely.

If you are in the market for bubble wrap to package or store merchandise, the list below will show you the best bubble wrap you can get right now.

Benefits of Using Bubble Wrap for Packaging

The benefits of bubble wrap are numerous. The trapped air is designed to support your breakable items and give you the peace of mind you need when shipping or moving items that may be delicate. With the bubble wrap in place, you know they will be protected, and the risk of any breakage will be greatly reduced. Other benefits include:

Can be reused: When you’re done with your bubble wrap, you don’t have to throw it away. Bubble wrap can be reused continuously unless it has been significantly damaged. So long as the bubbles are intact, you can reuse them again and again to protect your items.
It is lightweight: Bubble wrap is among the lightest packaging materials in the market. The layers of light plastic engulf air making it an ultralight packaging material that can help save money on shipping costs.
Multiple uses: Bubble wrap is great for packing and shipping items, securing items in moving boxes, and storage. It can also be used as insulation to retain heat. Its insulation properties have been used in greenhouses, and they can also help maintain the shapes of shoes and handbags.

Best Bubble Wrap for Shipping in 2022

There are a lot of bubble wrap manufacturers out there, and not all are equal. It’s a good idea to check reviews and customer comments to get a good idea of what to expect from the wrap you are ordering. Check out our top picks for the best bubble wrap below:

Top Pick: Duck Brand Bubble Wrap
Runner Up: Scotch Big Bubble Wrap
Best Value: Mailerview Air Bubble Cushioning Wrap

Duck Brand Bubble Wrap

Top Pick: Duck Brand’s single roll clear bubble wrap comes in 30 feet by 12-inch measurement. The roll is perforated every 12 inches for easier handling and weighs just 7.25 ounces.

The bubble wrap has air-filled bubbles that come with a thickness of 3/16” that help them to withstand jostles and jerks, keeping fragile items safe from damage while in transit or storage.

Duck Brand Bubble Wrap Original Protective Packaging, 12 Inches Wide x 30-Feet Long, Single Roll

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Scotch Big Bubble Cushion Wrap, 12 in x 25 ft

Runner Up: Trusted and known brand Scotch has a bubble wrap that is our runner-up. This bubble wrap features large bubbles (1/2 inch) for larger, heavier items.

Scotch’s bubble wrap is perforated every 12 inches for easy tearing. In addition to the larger bubbles, it has a nylon barrier for added strength.

Scotch Big Bubble Cushion Wrap, 12 in x 25 ft

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Mailerview USA Made Air Bubble Wrap Roll

Best Value: The Mailerview bubble wrap roll features small bubbles (3/16 of an inch) to securely cushion packages from damage. It is said to be good for fragile items, as well as electronics.

This small bubble cushioning wrap also comes with 30 “Fragile” stickers and is made in the USA.

Mailerview USA Made Air Bubble Cushioning Wrap Roll for Heavy-Duty Packing

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AmazonBasics Perforated Bubble Cushioning Wrap

AmazonBasics can be used for wrapping furniture edges to prevent scratches during moving, and shipping, as well as protect merchandise while in transit, including electronics and small appliances as well.

The clear polyethylene bubble wrap comes in 175 feet by 12-inch. Weighing 1.2 pounds, it is Perforated every 12 inches and comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Amazon Basics Perforated Bubble Cushioning Wrap – Small 3/16?, 12-Inch x 175-Foot Long Roll

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USPACKSHOP Perforated Cushioning Bubblewrap

USPACKSHOP’s cushioning bubble wrap comes in 700 feet long x 12-inch wide per package. The roll is perforated every 12-inch so you can size it to fit and shape your items.

Users have the option to order this clear bubble wrap in a round, oval, or square, and it gives you a 3/16? airtight bubble packing wrap. Weighing just one pound, the unit comes in 17 x 9 x 11 inches dimensions.

upkg Brand 3/16? 700 ft x 12?Small Bubble Cushioning Wrap, Perforated Every 12

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Offitecture 2-Pack Blue Bubble Cushioning Wrap Rolls

Offitecture helps to provide cushioning by cradling your products and absorbing any shock, vibration, scratches, and dings.

This blue bubble wrap comes in 72 feet x 12 inches measurement. This bubble cushioning wrap roll is perforated every 12” and has the option to use one continuous piece for bulky items. It comes with a nylon barrier seal technology that makes the 3/16” bubble air last longer.

Blue Bubble Cushioning Wrap Rolls, 3/16” Air Bubble, Perforated Every 12”, 20 Fragile Stickers Included

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enKo Cushioning Bubble Wrap

enKo offers a two-pack bubble cushioning wrap which combined measures 72 feet by 12 inches to absorb impact and sustain fragile items. Perforated every 12 inches the unit comes with complimentary 20 fragile sticker labels, which can be useful when shipping delicate items.

Weighing 11.2 ounces, each rolled sheet comes with a 3/16? airtight bubble that can be used for plates, dishes, china, and cups.

enKo Bubble Cushioning Wrap Perforated 20 Fragile Sticker Labels for Moving Shipping Packing Boxes Supplies

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American Bubble Boy Sealed Air Bubble Wrap

American Bubble Boy is a USA company that boasts premium bubble wrap. This wrap has a medium-sized bubble (5/16″) which is made of a nylon blend to prevent flat bubbles.

This wrap has cross-cut perforations every 12 inches for easy tearing. You receive four rolls of 100 ft each.

Official Sealed Air Bubble Wrap – American Bubble Boy

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Yens 3/16″ Perforated Bubble Cushioning Wrap

This small bubble cushioning wrap by Yens comes in 2 rolls of 350 feet, giving you 700 feet of wrap. The rolls are perforated every 12 inches.

The small bubbles cushioning wrap by Yens is made in the USA. Customers say it is a good value.

Yens 3/16″ Bubble Cushioning Wrap, Perforated Every 12″ for Packaging

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Aspamms Honeycomb Cushioning Wrap Roll

For an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrap, you can consider this honeycomb cushioning wrap. It is recyclable and biodegradable, yet is still durable enough to protect delicate items. This wrap may also be considered more aesthetically pleasing by some.

The honeycomb wrap by Aspamms is 15″ wide and 131′ long and can be stretched. This wrap is not perforated, rather, it is designed to be torn or cut where you want it for easy size customization.

Honeycomb Recyclable Cushioning Wrap Roll

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What to look for When Buying Bubble Wrap

Though there might seem to be some marginal differences between bubble wraps in the market, they do have their variations. For example, anti-static bubble wraps are used for electronics and items which can get damaged by static.

Cohesive bubble wrap, for its part, sticks to itself, eliminating the need for tape. While adhesive bubbles will stick to your product, the heavy-duty wrap is helpful for extreme shipping conditions. Besides the type of bubble wrap, there are still some issues to consider when it comes to buying them. These include:

Perforated Vs. Non-Perforated

You have a choice between perforated and non-perforated bubble wrap. Perforated rolls have pre-cut lines across the width of the roll, usually every 12 inches. This helps users easily tear off the amount of bubble cushion they need, with no need for scissors or cutters. Non-perforated give you the option of customizing the size.


Bubble wrap comes in a variety of prices. The rule of thumb is to select one that does not break the bank but serves your packaging needs. Some bubble wraps include padded envelopes lined with bubble wrap or anti-static storage bags for electronic devices. Many manufacturers offer two rolls in one package.

Roll Length

The roll length will be determined by how much bubble wrap you’ll need for your packaging project. Some bubble rolls can be short, while some can be extremely long for large items.

Roll Width

Though the standard roll width is 12” for packing goods. There are also options in 24 and 48 inches for those looking to wrap large-sized items.

Bubble sizes

The air bubbles in bubble wrap come in varying sizes.. Smaller bubbles help keep items protected from scratches and scrapes, while larger bubbles are more effective for preventing damage from impact.

What type of bubble wrap provides the most protection?

This depends on what you are shipping. The size, shape, and fragility of your items will determine the best bubble wrap for your needs. If you are shipping electronics, there is a wrap designed specifically for that purpose, as it reduces friction that can cause damage.

Can you ship an item wrapped only in bubble wrap?

Yes! Bubble wrap is specifically designed to keep breakable items safe during shipping or moving. Be sure to get a wrap with the right size bubble for your items.

What size of bubble wrap is best?

The best bubble wrap also depends on your individual needs. If you will be shipping large items, try and find the most wrap for your money while also keeping quality in mind.

Is bubble wrap better than foam?

While both packing materials provide protection for fragile items, some people claim bubble wrap provides better protection. This may be because you can use as much as you need to secure items while taking up less space in a box than foam typically does.


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