Concrete Shortage Affecting Construction Business

At a time when demand for construction is high, a shortage in concrete is having a detrimental impact on the industry.

According to a report by Fox Business, with cement supplies drying up, construction companies are facing difficult and expensive planning involving the vital building material.

Concrete Shortage Affecting Construction Business

Shortages in supplies of cement is coupled with labor scarcities, which are taking their toll on the industry, at a time when there is high demand for construction.

Construction operators should be aware of the shortages so they can plan accordingly and avoid damaging downtime.

The “Perfect Storm” for the Construction Industry

Speaking to Fox & Friends, Dan Crosby, President of Metrocon Inc., a South California-based ready-mix concrete company, described the shortages as creating the “perfect storm” for the construction sector.

“The labor… that’s what’s caused most of [the shortage] back during COVID… the cement plants… did not know how to navigate, as all of us in the construction industry,” said Crosby, adding: “The demand for construction has just exploded here in South Carolina and it’s exceeded the manufacturing process.”

Crosby continued that Metrocon is taking on just 60% of the work that it can normally handle amid labor and supply shortages.

Desperate Need for Truck Drivers and Cement Carriers

The President of Metrocon added that his company desperately needs truck drivers and cement carriers.

With increased workloads and shortages in materials and labor, it is easy for construction projects to fall behind, which can be damaging to company reputation and profit.

Any business operating in construction should keep an eye on fluctuating supply levels, including diminishing concrete supplies, and take the necessary steps to protect their projects and ultimately their company’s reputation.

They should also aim to maintain a healthy, happy labor workforce to help prevent labor shortages and the problems it can create.

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