ByondPitch Launches AI-Based Remote Sales Meetings Platform

Tel Aviv-based startup, ByondPitch, is piloting an innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform in Israel, aimed at transforming remote video sales meetings. The platform enhances sales conversions by providing sales representatives with a real-time playbook that combines advanced technology with the human touch to deliver superior customer experiences.

As part of its initial pilot, ByondPitch has partnered with seven companies, including leading real estate firm Ashdar. Thousands of users are now utilizing the platform. Looking ahead, ByondPitch plans to roll out its service in the United States by the end of 2023, with a focus on businesses across diverse sectors that use remote video technology for sales.

ByondPitch’s platform seeks to improve salespeople’s abilities in real-time, assisting them to adapt and respond more effectively to customer concerns on the fly. The platform provides real-time sales data, guiding the sales process by suggesting appropriate messages, supplying relevant information, and analyzing speaking time ratios.

Nadav Bariah, co-founder of ByondPitch and CEO of Be Nadlan, one of Israel’s top real estate marketing companies, said, “With a career deeply rooted in sales, sales management, and training salespeople, I understand the challenges companies face in this realm.” Bariah added that while many competitors offer data and analysis on past performance, they fail to provide real-time assistance, a gap that ByondPitch seeks to fill.

The company’s other co-founder, Guy Kedem, also brings an impressive resume as an entrepreneur with expertise in real estate, technology, and cryptocurrencies, in addition to his role as CEO of Be Nadlan. Kedem highlighted the vision behind ByondPitch, which is to use their combined experience and insights to create a platform that boosts sales performance while reducing costs. He said, “We strive to empower salespeople with a sort of superpower, enabling them to forge meaningful connections, exceed expectations, and elevate the customer experience in an increasingly digital world.”

ByondPitch is harnessing cutting-edge intelligence to provide real-time support that propels salespeople to new heights. This advancement is paving the way for smoother, smarter meetings, reshaping video meetings into intuitive, extraordinary experiences.

This AI-powered platform represents an opportunity for small businesses that rely heavily on remote sales meetings. The ability to respond to customer concerns more effectively in real-time and utilize data to guide the sales process could significantly boost sales conversions. With its planned expansion to the US, ByondPitch is poised to make a significant impact on how businesses conduct remote video sales meetings.

Image: byondpitch

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