Business Trip Packing List

Getting your business trip packing list just right isn’t always easy. There are so many different elements that need to be balanced, such as casual clothing versus business attire, electronics, key documents, etc. Getting all your business essentials together for your next trip, especially international business travel, can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re going through some essential business travel tips to help you get your work trip packing list just right.

The Ultimate Packing List for a Work Trip in 2022

Our business trip packing list brings together all the travel essentials in one place to help you stay organized, no matter what your destination is. We’ll run through some of the basic items you’ll need to keep and some extra personal items that can make the trip easier.


Depending on your destination, you might need a fair amount of paperwork. Some of the important ones are listed below, but always double-check with requirements the destination may have as it varies from place to place:


Driver’s License

Photo ID

Business visa (if necessary) and/or proof of entry, work permit, etc.

Supporting documents from work for the purpose of travel

Contracts and memos needed for meeting

Travel Insurance

Boarding pass

Electronics and Accessories

Traveling often means long wait times, flight delays, and more free time than you might have expected initially. Traveling with electronic devices enables you to travel easily, be productive, and balance your time as needed.


Your laptop is the most crucial part of your business trip, that much is certain. But while you might remember to pack it, make sure you keep peripherals and accessories with you too. That includes chargers that work with electronic sockets in your destination, Bluetooth accessories, and anything else you may need.

Laptop sleeve

Laptop sleeves are especially beneficial for a heavy laptop, but they can also work for lighter ones. Your travel bags often get jostled around and bumped, which is where laptop sleeves come in. They can protect your devices, and you can also keep peripherals or accessories depending on the type of sleeve and bag you’re using.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Depending on how you’re getting to the destination, good, high-quality headphones can really help. You can get some sleep on noisy flights and trains if needed with them. Plus, you can use them to take meetings on the go or listen to music and podcasts during long flights.


Having wi-fi access is crucial, so look into ways to get internet access before you leave for your trip. Most major phone carriers offer roaming deals, but those can often be expensive. Don’t just rely on hotel rooms for the internet. You can get internet cards or a wireless card to use on the trip to ensure you have access to data and the internet.

Wallet and Money

Keeping your wallet is, of course, crucial. But you also should check whether there is a specific business card you need to be using on the trip. Keep some cash on you that you can use in emergencies if required and emergency credit cards.

Women’s Outfit Packing List for Work Trip

For women, it’s important to pack things that balance work dress code and comfort while traveling:

Dress clothes for any business meeting planned, with at least one pair of matching dress shoes to go with the different outfits
Workout clothes and athletic shoes in case you want to use the hotel gym
Bathing suit if there’s a hotel pool
Yoga pants and casual clothing for the travel period

Men’s Business Attire Travel Packing List

Men need to strike the same balance between work clothes and casual attire as women and pack items that work for business meetings, such as:

Collared shirts
Suit jacket
Casual polo shirts
Dress shoes
Atheltic shoes and activewear for hotel gyms


Getting your toiletries to fit with TSA-approved guidelines is always a challenge. Save space by using smaller pouches to store your personal care items and check for travel-sized toiletries where possible so you can pack for a business trip faster and don’t forget essential items.

Travel-sized plastic bottles that you can wash and reuse as needed for trips
Floss/interdental brushes
Shampoo and conditioner in travel-sized plastic bottles
Skincare items
An eye mask is an often forgotten item, but it can help you get some shut-eye as an eye mask is effective at blocking light.

Other Essential Items for Your Business Travel Packing List

You can pack faster if you know what additional items you’ll need for your business trip. These items don’t take up much space and can be taken on a carry-on or in checked baggage.

Breath Mints to take at regular intervals in between business meetings
Office supplies such as post-its, pens, highlighters,
A packing cube for shorter trips. You can also get multiple packing cubes if you’d like to take more items but are having trouble fitting them in
Business cards
Healthy snacks
Reusable water bottle with a built-in filter. Remember that the TSA has a liquid limit for toiletries, and that also extends to liquids that you may be traveling with, such as water, soda, and juice. Don’t fill the reusable water bottle before you leave. Instead, fill it up after you’ve gotten through security to save time.

Packing for Business Trips – Hand Luggage Only Flight

If you’re trying to save some time during your travel, take only a personal item and/or a carry-on bag with you. Carry on luggage doesn’t need to be checked in, so you can get your boarding pass faster and make it through security without much hassle. Plus, you’ll be able to quickly get out of the airport if you’re not waiting for baggage on the carousel.

For up to a three-day business trip, hand luggage gives you just the right space since you take only what will fit in the bag. However, don’t forget to check airline requirements for carry-on bag dimensions to ensure you can take it on the flight with you.

Packing for an Overnight Work Trip

For overnight work trips, you might be able to get away with a small carry-on bag or even a travel backpack.

This might be harder to do if your work attire consists of dress shirts and suits, but with some travel pack hacks and neat folding, you may be able to fit all your items in a small bag for a short business trip.

Use a packing cube to try to optimize space, and try not to overload your bag.

Packing for a Long Work Trip

If you’re planning a longer trip. If your hotel room has the space, you can hang up clothes easily and even take items for personal time to support your well-being.

Try to think about items you absolutely need and take into consideration baggage allowances that the airline might have. If it’s an extended trip, it might be better to pack more, so you don’t have to buy too much stuff throughout the trip.

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