Best Office Chair Casters for a Broken Wheel

If you work in an office, safety and comfort are important for your workforce to remain productive. Very often, one might need to coast from one desk to another to grab a file or hold discussions with coworkers. However, most chair casters might not withstand the constant work demands of a busy workplace and will become wobbly and start squeaking through time.

Other times the caster that comes with your office chair might not be compatible with your office floor surface and might start creating skid marks or eat into the carpeting. And this will require replacing them.

If you are shopping for an office chair, you may have realized there are many options to choose from. Here are some of our top picks to help you choose replacement casters for your office chairs.

What are Office Chair Casters?

A caster is a wheeled device mounted to the bottom of each chair leg that allows the chair to quickly move and roll around the floor. A caster’s basic components include the mount, stem, and wheel. Most casters come with twin wheels that often swivel and roll, allowing users to change directions easily. Casters are often durable, so you won’t have to replace them as often.

What are Office Chair Casters?

A caster is a wheeled device mounted to the bottom of each chair leg that allows the chair to quickly move and roll around the office environment. A caster’s basic components include the mount, stem, and wheel. Most casters come with twin wheels that often swivel and roll, allowing users to change directions easily. Casters are often durable, so you won’t have to replace them as often. They can easily be called task chairs as they’re used to performing tasks in the office.

Benefits of Buying Replacement Office Chair Caster Wheel

The office chair wheels might have been worn out due to excess working in the office environment also, there are some office chairs that don’t come with a caster wheel from the beginning. These chairs have some disadvantages looking at the benefits of having an office chair with wheels.

Increased comfortability
Easy movement in the office
360-degree swivel
No need to stand up to pick nearby things

Increased Comfortability

You can be very comfortable while working in the office as you do not need to leave your seat to pick something else rather let your chair do the work for you.

Easy Movement

The wheels on office chairs, in particular, provide a crucial function for workers. The wheels on an office chair allow for flexibility, so you can move around your office and maneuver from desk to desk.

360-degree swivel

Sit in comfort with this 360-degree swivel chair, which was designed to provide you with maximum freedom of movement. The ability to rotate from side to side allows you to move more freely and effortlessly.

No need to stand up to pick nearby things

If you have caster wheels on your office chair, it becomes easier to reach the bookshelf. You can easily roll your chair towards the shelf and get that book within a few swivels

A desk chair mat is not needed for the office floor

Most office chairs typically feature a caster wheel. If you own an office chair with a caster wheel, a floor mat or high pile carpets wouldn’t be needed for the hardwood floor because most caster wheels are naturally coated with smooth polyurethane.

However, one of the major benefits of not having a caster wheel in your office chair is that most office caster chair wheels make squeaky sounds. So, to prevent squeaking sounds, you should own a normal office chair.

Replacement Casters

Top Pick: Office Owl Caster Wheels
Runner Up: Office Oasis Caster Wheels
Best Value: Lifelong Office Replacement Casters

Owl Office Chair Wheels

Top Pick: This versatile and universal caster wheel is one of the best caster wheels on the market. It can fit perfectly in all the stem-size chairs and even tables. These are touted to last long and can withstand heavy-duty use while easily gliding on most surfaces. Thanks to its soft texture, it functions without any hitches on short carpets, wood floors, and tiles without causing damage.

However, they are not recommended for tall or thick carpeting. Users can easily change their caster wheels with one single motion without using tools. These units are made from superior-grade steel, weigh? 2.6 pounds and can safely support up to 650 pounds. Each caster wheel comes in at 3 x 4.5 x 6 inches.

Office Owl Office Chair Wheels

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Oasis Office Chair Caster Wheels

Runner Up: Manufactured by the company they were the first to introduce rollerblade wheels for office chairs, Office Oasis’ caster wheels are a good option for replacement casters. They can be considered the original rollerblade chair wheels because they were the first company to manufacture this kind of wheel.

This unit weighs 2.6 pounds and is sturdy enough to hold up to 650 pounds. It has versatile applications as it is compatible with 95% of all office chairs. With a stem size of 7/16? in diameter and 7/8? in length, it can be used for desks and tables as well.

The Office Oasis Original Rollerblade Chair Wheels

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Lifelong Office Chair Caster Wheels

Best Value: Lifelong Office’s replacement rubber casters are made from industrial-grade steel, including precision ball bearings, durable polyurethane, and alloy durable steel chair casters. This caster does not scratch, smudge, or damage wood, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, tile, or carpet floors.

Weighing 2.88 pounds, it comes with a rim size of three inches, with a stem size of 7/16? x 7/8? and can fit 98% of all chairs excluding IKEA chairs. The wheels are ? 6 x 3 x 4.5 inches and are rated for over 500 pounds.

Office chair wheels replacement rubber chair casters

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Slipstick CB690 Chair Caster Wheel

This caster features a standard size 7/16-inch x 7/8-inch diameter and a stem length of two-inch twin caster rubber wheels. Made with rubber, this caster can glide on hardwood, laminate, tile, slate, and all other hard floor surfaces.

This caster is rated for up to 330 pounds, weighs 3.2 pounds, and comes with a five-year replacement guarantee. Installing these casters comes easy. You simply pull off the old caster and snap in the new one without any tools.

Slipstick CB680 2 Inch Rubber Caster Wheels

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STEALTHO Replacement Caster Wheels

Strongest Chair Wheels: STEALTHO’s office chair swivel wheels are safe for any kind of hardwood floors, parquet, laminate, linoleum, tiles, and carpets. The refined geometry of its heavy-duty casters prevents axial run-out bearing of the rubber roller wheels. The combination of elastic polyurethane and industrial-grade steel makes this unit durable.

The inclusion of luminophore makes the wheel glow in the dark and is even sturdy enough to roll over cables. It comes in 7/16×7/8-inch dimensions and weighs 3.36 pounds, and the wheels are fitted with two additional thrust ball bearings in the cage that prevent them from falling out. These replacement wheels have a U.S. utility patent, and they can support up to 660 pounds.

STEALTHO Patented Replacement Office Chair Caster Wheels

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Clever Productions Universal Fit Caster – Perfect for Office Chairs

These caster wheels by Clever production won’t damage your flooring, be they carpet, title, office floors, wood, hardwood, laminate, or vinyl. They won’t scratch or leave any markings on wooden or carpeted floors made from polyurethane. Thanks to their rollerblade design, they make for a highly smooth rolling experience.

This unit comes in at 8.1 x 5.2 x 3.8 inches and can support up to 500 pounds. They weigh about 2.6 pounds and fit 95% of all standard stem five-wheel office chairs, measuring three inches. When it comes to installation, all you have to do is just take your old casters out and push your new ones in, and you are done.

Office Chair Wheels – 95% Universal Fit Caster Wheels

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Hivexagon RGB Color Changing Replacement Caster Wheels

This RGB color-changing caster wheel can automatically display the RGB light while it is rolling. It comes with shockproof technology offering super quiet and smooth-rolling and can rotate 360 degrees.

This replacement caster comes with three-inch wheel sizes with 8.1 x 5 x 3.7-inch dimensions. Made with polyurethane material, it helps protect hard floors, tiles, slate, and other surfaces without leaving any marks or scratches. It weighs about 2.5 pounds and is made with high carbon steel, and can hold a combined load of 385 pounds.

Hivexagon Office Chair Caster

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Flash Furniture Set of 5 Replacement Rollerblade

Flash Furniture’s office chair caster replacement set is constructed of a non-marring, soft polyurethane material over rollerblade style wheels to protect your floors and carpets. This set of 5 ball-bearing casters with polyurethane tires are ideal for replacing worn-out casters on any office chair, including desk chairs and rolling computer chairs. They are also perfect for protecting hardwood or laminate flooring from damage caused by unsecured furniture legs and rolling patio chairs. These replacement ball-bearings can be installed in minutes without the use of tools, allowing you to easily upgrade the casters on your existing chair.

Flash Furniture Set of 5 Replacement Rollerblade

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Monkeymoon Office Chair Caster Wheels

Monkeymoon chair caster wheels are compatible with most office chair brands and are available in different stem sizes. They are precision ball bearing and come with a twin-wide transparent polyurethane design, enjoy smoother rolling on any type of floor, and won’t ruin your floors. These chair caster wheels come with a precision ball bearing and standard stem size easy to install. They are made of durable steel material and don’t require extra tools to install on your office chairs.

Monkeymoon Office Chair Caster Wheels

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Houseables Office Chair Wheels

Do you want to improve the quality of your day? Then it’s time to upgrade your office chair! These high-quality desk wheels will transform your office chair into a swivel-rolling thrill ride. With an independent diameter of 11mm, these wheels allow you to smoothly glide over any terrain – even over that annoying desk mat that always keeps getting in the way. These roller-style casters will outlive your current desk chair, so you can easily transfer them onto the new one when it comes time for an upgrade.

Houseables Office Chair Wheels

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Hirate Office Chair Caster

Update your office furniture with a new set of casters that breathe new life into your old chair. These 3-inch casters will add 1-2 inches of height to your chair, so you don’t have to replace a whole expensive chair if you want to upgrade. These heavy-duty durable polyurethane casters in sleek appearance will make your desk chair looks like the coolest chair in offices. They are strong enough to support 650 lb max capacity as a set of 5.

Hirate Office Chair Caster

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Universal Office Chair Caster Wheels Replacement

Are you looking for a new rolling chair wheel or casters? If so, consider Universal Office Chair Caster Wheels Replacement. It is wrapped in a soft polyurethane material. Our roller wheels are guaranteed not to scratch or leave marks on any surface. So feel free to finally toss that old computer chair floor mat! Reliable heavy-duty construction – entire support bracket and internal parts are made of high-grade steel, providing years of effortless rolling and durability. Produced using roller skates technology.

Universal Office Chair Caster Wheels Replacement

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How to Choose the Best Office Chair Caster for Your Business

Caster wheels are one of the most overlooked components when shopping for a new office chair. Besides offering you comfort and easy mobility, good replacement caster wheels help prevent scratches on your flooring. Some replacement casters in the market can also be applied to desks and other furniture. There are many casters feature you should look out for and they are;

Things to look for while buying casters include:

Weight Capacity

You must check the weight capacity of your casters. Look for those with a high weight threshold that can tolerate even more weight—those with a lightweight capacity risk getting damaged.

Single Wheel Vs Twin Wheel

Dual wheel casters can carry more weight than a single wheel. Plus, they’re easier to maneuver since they can be placed closer to the ground. A dual wheel caster can also be used to create lower height if necessary.

Not only is the dual wheel swivel caster design more ergonomic, but it also requires less effort to maneuver. When you get a dual-wheel swivel caster, it will be much easier to change directions and get the job done right.

Dual wheel casters have a longer lifespan because of their unique design. They are often used to carry heavier loads, which is why they tend to last longer.

Dual wheel casters are better in applications where it is important to protect your floor. With a polyurethane tire, you can still use a dual-wheel caster over a single-wheel caster. But this second caster has the same load-bearing capacity as a single-wheel steel caster.

How to Attach Casters to Your Office Chair

Casters are very important to your office chairs and it’s important to fix one on your chair to prevent scratches on the floor. Here is a step-by-step process on how to fix casters on your chair.

Step 1. 

The base of the chair can be removed from its casters. For chairs with one set of wheels, the screws are usually Phillips-head and can be unscrewed with a screwdriver or an Allen wrench.

Step 2. 

Layout your caster and make sure you know how to attach it based on how many casters you have.

Step 3.

When attaching casters to a chair, place the caster in the original wheel’s base and secure it in place. If you are using more than one caster, repeat the process until all four wheels are attached.

Step 4. 

If you’re using four casters, position them evenly around the base of the office chair and attach each one by screwing it into place with a Phillips head screwdriver or Allen wrench. Be sure they fit snugly in their sockets before tightening down completely.

Step 5. 

Screw in your seat back with a Phillips head screwdriver or Allen wrench.

Step 6.

Slide your chair onto the new casters to see how they roll.

Step 7.

Tighten all screws firmly with an Allen wrench, but don’t go too far.



How do You Fix a Broken Chair Caster?

Step 1:

Turn the chair upside down. Position it so that the wheels are facing up, allowing for easier access and enabling you to work from a more comfortable angle.

If you can’t get your chair to turn upside down on its own, enlist a friend to help you.

Step 2: 

Remove a threaded caster by turning it clockwise. To see if your castor is the threaded type, try twisting it and see if it moves. If the stem moves in the direction you’re twisting, just keep going and it should come out.

Step 3:

The best way to remove a grip stem caster is to apply lubricant and, with both hands on the caster, give it a pull. However, if you can’t remove the caster, apply lubricant to the meeting place between the caster and the chair. Place one hand on the caster and one hand on the chair leg.

Step 4:

If you’re trying to remove a caster and it won’t budge, try using a flat-head screwdriver and a pry bar with a nail-pulling slot at the end. The casters could be rusted in place and you’ll need a wide tool to dislodge them.

Step 5:

Push the screwdriver on where the caster meets the chair and turn it slowly. Once you get in between the caster and the chair, you can use it to pry the caster up. If this doesn’t work, try rotating the caster around its own axle.

Step 6:

Pry the caster out. This process may take more than one try if the caster is stubborn. In some cases, it’s necessary to use a pry bar. First, position the nail-pulling slot over the stem and pull it out. Next, position the pry bar and slide it in between the caster and chair where there is an opening. Pull on the pry bar and you should see some movement. If not, repeat until the caster pops out of place.

How do You Measure for Replacement Casters?

To find the wheelbase, measure from the back of the wheel to the center of the kingpin on a level surface. You can do this using a measuring tape. However, here are some tips you can follow

The caster must be replaced if the plate height is different by more than 1/16″.
Check the bolt holes if they are aligned.
Measure the overall height of the caster and top plate, including the washer and nut.
Check that the swivel radius is 3.5″ or less; a swivel radius of 4″ or greater may cause damage to home furniture.

Are All Office Chair Casters the Same Size?

While most office chairs are between 2 and 2.5 inches in size, the style of the castor stem determines whether wheels will fit a chair. Although most chairs use grip ring-style stems, some may require a ball bearing or star-handle style castor to fit them.

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