Best Commercial Laundry Carts

If you run a small hotel, a restaurant, or any other business where you do a lot of laundry, a commercial-grade laundry cart is essential.

A quality cart will help move large amounts of dry and wet garments, clothes, linens, and sheets, thus saving you and your employees the valuable time and effort to transport it. This means they do not have to lug around dirty laundry, making it hygienic. And when it is wet, they will not have to carry the heavy load. Simply put- its more convenient.

When you have the right tool, your job becomes that much easier. And if you happen to do a lot of laundry in your business, a commercial-grade laundry cart will equate a higher level on convenience. Here are some of the best commercial laundry carts for your business.

Best Commercial Carts for Dirty Laundry

Top Pick: Rubbermaid Commercial Collapsible X-Cart, Steel, 8 Bushel Cart
Runner Up: CART&SUPPLY Coin Cart, Heavy Duty
Best Value: Whitmor Commercial Removable Liner Laundry Hamper

Rubbermaid Collapsible Laundry X-Cart

Top Pick: With a load capacity of up to 220 pounds, this collapsible cart will haul a lot of laundry. And when you are not using it, the collapsed size is 75% smaller. It is made with a solid stainless-steel powder-coated frame that will not rust, along with the premium swivel caster wheels with bumper guards for easy maneuverability. You can also get a cart cover and replacement bags as needed.

Organizing your laundry just became easier with the Rubbermaid Collapsible Laundry X-Cart. This rolling clothes hamper is a great addition to your business because it makes sorting and transporting your laundry a breeze. It has front swivel reels for better maneuverability and movable hanging bar for garment and linens organization. When not in use, this rolling laundry basket can be collapsed to save space.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Collapsible X Cart Laundy Cart

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CART&SUPPLY Coin Laundry Cart on Wheels

Runner Up: This cart has premium steel construction and a dual support valet bar to load and unload the laundry. The wheels are covered to protect against threads and other fabric from tangling. And impact-resistant covers protect corners and rims from run-ins with machines, walls, and other objects.

CART&SUPPLY Coin Laundry Cart

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Seville Classics Commercial Canvas Laundry Hamper

Best Value: With a capacity of 100 pounds, this is a small form factor cart for heavy-duty commercial use. It has a tubular steel frame and polyester canvas laundry bag with a reinforced opening and thick canvas handles. A tapered square feet design keeps the four wheels within the body to avoid damaging them.

Seville Classics Commercial Heavy-Duty Canvas Laundry Hamper with Wheels

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Cart&Supply Commercial Cart with U-Handle

Coming from the same company as the runner-up, this cart has the same premium construction. This includes the steel construction and the patent-pending axel-guard wheels. The difference is this unit has a large U- handle to push the cart around easily.

For the ultimate transportation solution, look no further than this Cart&Supply commercial cart. The Commercial Cart is constructed of a durable, heavy-duty injection molded plastic just like a basket. This pull cart allows for an ergonomic two-handed control for easy pulling and pushing. The cart allows you to easily transport supplies and materials around your stores, ensuring that all of your business needs are taken care of. The cart’s extra-large kick plate offers an extra layer of protection against scratches and dents, while the comfortable U-handle provides a convenient grip.

Cart&Supply Heavy Duty Household & Commercial Charcoal Grey Cart

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Whitmor Commercial Laundry Cart with Removable Liner

The design of this round cart is ideal for small hotels, B&Bs, and salons. It has a strong chromed metal frame with commercial-grade swivel wheels. The bag has fabric tab fasteners instead of Velcro for added security. And it comes with a warranty from the manufacturer, which has been in business for 70 years.

Whitmor’s commercial laundry cart with canvas liner is a deluxe item that has everything you need to make transporting laundry easier than ever. This extra large, heavy duty portable clothes hamper has four wheels so you never have to worry about losing your balance. The rolling laundry cart’s smooth gliding casters with stainless steel frames and removable canvas bag that attach to the lightweight chrome plated steel frame make for easy maneuverability and fitting in tight spaces. The commercial grade portable clothes hamper is the perfect addition for your laundry room or bedroom.

Whitmor Round Commercial Removable Liner and Heavy Duty Wheels-Chrome Laundry Hamper

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8 Bushel Capacity Laundry Truck

This is yet another heavy-duty cart. It is made with a powder-coated steel frame and welded construction. The bag is a durable vinyl/nylon laminate liner with fire retardant and steel grommets to attach it to the cart. The swivel casters include two fixed and two wheels with swivel function.

8 Bushel Capacity Laundry Basket Truck (Red)

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Rubbermaid Commercial Laundry Cube Truck

The medium-density polyethylene material of this cart sits on a diamond caster pattern so you can easily move it around. At 50 pounds, it is heavy, but it is designed for long-lasting, heavy-duty use. This design will ensure nothing leaks out of the cart. It also protects what is inside from getting wet.

This Rubbermaid commercial rolling laundry cart has the capacity to hold and transport large loads. The mobile laundry hamper is made of durable structural web plastic, which is long-lasting. Additionally, the ergonomic handles provide a sure grip for convenient maneuvering, even when the hamper is full. Non-marking 2 1/2″ combination casters allow you to move with ease, even on rough surfaces.

Rubbermaid Commercial MDPE 102.9-Gallon Laundry and Waste Collection Cube Truck

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LUXOR HL15 Heavy Duty Industrial Laundry Sorter Cart with Triple Dividers

This plastic navy laundry sorter weighs 16 pounds and it is useful for sorting out all types of laundry for everyday cleaning. Its ability to carry out delicates separate is top-notch. It ensures a seamless laundry day style by ensuring a convenient transport of sheets, linens, dirty household material, and towels from the wash to stores or baskets. The alloy steel frame enhances its stability while its capacity for heavy-duty canvas reinforces its durability. It comes with 4 tires for hitch-free movement. The process of separating compartments after acquiring them is simple to do and every material invested in its manufacture adds to its long-lasting quality. The laundry sorter simplifies all laundry duties and is highly recommended for day-to-day purposes.

LUXOR HL15 Heavy Duty Industrial Laundry Sorter Cart

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Commercial Heavy Duty Laundry Cart

In the class of laundry carts,  XIJIXILI Commercial Laundry Cart holds its own with the inbuilt features that do multipurpose cleaning for your clothes. This 260 lbs cart is effective in cleaning thick clothes such as towels, blankets, pillows, and other laundry items around your house. The liner can be removed and replaced at any time. It has 10 bushels of 350l which enables it to handle large quantities of workload with little effort. The 4-inch wheels navigate the truck from one point to another without stress. It has reels on its four edges, two reels made after the universal model, and two wheels for directional navigation. The wheels are soundless whenever you move them around. They can also be rotated for easy movement. Commercial organizations will find these features very useful to move their fabrics around for everyday cleaning.

XIJIXILI Laundry Cart with 4 Inch Wheels Commercial Heavy Duty Basket Trucks

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Seville Heavy-Duty Laundry Cart

This product goes well with personal use and commercial purposes. It has a detachable bag liner in case the user needs to clean it up. A laundry cart made of undiluted canvas polyester, Seville Classics is ideal for personal and commercial purposes because it can accommodate both light and heavyweight items. With its big gap and spacious basket, it has a mobile rolling laundry basket that comes with two-tiered canvas handles and 2-inch diameter PVC tires for frictionless movement. The metal wire supports fixed around the cart ensure the balance during movement and when filled with heavy loads. Its weight can swallow up to 100 lbs at once.

Seville Classics Commercial Heavy-Duty Canvas Laundry Hamper with Wheels

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Rubbermaid Commercial Bulk Box Cart

This metal-framed waste-collecting cart weighs 34 pounds and 26 inches. It’s made of polyethylene for strength and to prevent breakage. It’s among the carts that are designed to convey box cart wastes, different items, and taking care of laundry. Loads stuffed inside it will remain invisible without minimizing its 300 capacity of load. The plastic wheels aid flexibility.

Rubbermaid Commercial Bulk Box Cart

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Choosing Your Commercial Laundry Cart

As a small business, value is a must for each purchase deal. Whether it is a cart for laundry or another product, it must work well and last a long time. When buying or shipping a cart, look at these features to ensure you make a well-informed decision on the shipped product before pickup.

Customer Facing Vs. Laundry Room

Making the right choices between customer-facing and laundry-room will depend on your purpose for buying or shipping them, whether for commercial or personal use. The final decisions always boil down to the sizes of the cart.

For customer-facing carts, look out for the standard sizes of 30-40 pounds suitable for personal use. If your goal is commercial, larger carts with 50 pounds and above with separate compartments, are your best choice.

Laundry vendors love to attract customers through different strategies. Buying beautifully-designed laundry carts and placing them at visible locations are good ways to catch customers’ fancy.

In the case of the laundry room, you may want to consider your intended location for the cart at home. Some off-limits for laundry carts are the hallways, the kitchen, bedrooms, etc. So, select your cart based on your plans for the product. However, a cart that can fold is always a plus.

Size of Laundry Baskets and Carts

How much laundry is your company handling? Based on this, you should look at carts that can cope with the workload. You should do this considering you need a place to store and move the dirty and clean laundry around.


Quality construction with steel frames is a must. Make sure to also look for replacement options for the bag and other parts.

Machines also wear out at some points and repairs will become inevitable. Whenever you buy or ship your laundry basket/cart, consider purchasing compatible spare parts to be installed as well because they might run out of stock by the time you go back later.


Look for good-quality wheels that are covered and easy to adjust so they do not get any cloth, lint, or thread from any material tangled in them.


Laundry carts come in all shapes and sizes. If the cart is going to be part of your customer-facing equipment, choose a nice-looking cart. If, on the other hand, it is going to remain in the laundry room, you can limit your search to a utilitarian cart, which means you will probably pay less for shipping and possession.

Cost and Warranty

Depending on how much you spend on your cart from the store, the warranty will become an issue. Look for a reputable brand that provides a warranty if you spend a lot of money to pick up your cart.

When you are ready to buy laundry baskets/carts, look out for these features and suggestions so you will end up with the best equipment for your company.

Size, durability, styling, and maneuverability. To get top deals on this equipment, research the trending products in that category and also search for tips from reviewers online. Customers’ feedback help to survey the market for the best products. Don’t ignore red flags such as unverified vendors, ridiculous prices, and unavailability of proper documentation of the cart.

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