Best Commercial Hand Dryer Options for Your Business in 2022

Thinking about ditching the paper towels for a hand dryer? Great idea! Investing in a commercial hand dryer has many benefits. Installing a hand dryer in your business is more cost-effective, better for the environment, and more sanitary than paper towels, which can be messy and need to be constantly replenished.

The best air hand dryers for work should be reliable, with a long work life because they are being used constantly, and should be energy efficient. Whether you are installing a hand dryer in a restroom, kitchen, or handwashing station, the units on this list will provide a valuable buying guide.

Why Your Business Should Have a Commercial Hand Dryer

If your business offers a bathroom or other wash area to its customers and employees, you should consider buying a commercial hand dryer. Doing so can reduce energy costs, mess, and provide a better experience for your customers and employees. Here are a few reasons why buying a commercial hand dryer is a good idea:

Reduce Costs – Commercial hand dryers come with a variety of features that make them more energy-efficient and durable. Paper towels need to be constantly re-ordered and re-stocked, and their dispensers can be easily broken or vandalized.
Eliminate Mess – Paper towels tend to cause a mess in public bathrooms, and someone is usually stuck cleaning them up. The appearance of a paper towel mess also tends to make any bathroom look undesirable.
Better For the Environment – Paper towels are also wasteful and bad for the environment. Installing a commercial hand dryer eliminates the waste of paper, which any environmentally-conscious business can appreciate.
Hygiene – Commercial hand dryers come with filters, which provide clean, hygienic air for each user each time. They also remove the need for another point of contact in a public area.

Types of Commercial Hand Dryers

Commercial hand dryers have become increasingly popular in the past few years. Businesses are looking to replace paper towels and their dispensers in an effort to save money and be more environmentally friendly. In response, vendors have made various styles of hand dryers available with different features and options. Here are the general types of commercial hand dryers available:

Traditional Hand Dryers – This style of hand dryer features a push-button activation that provides heated air for a preset amount of time.
Automatic Hand Dryers – Automatic hand dryers use sensors to turn on only when in use. They provide heated air to the user for a shorter amount of time.
High-Speed Hand Dryers – High-speed hand dryers boast the quickest drying time, making them perfect for a busy bathroom.

Best Commercial Hand Dryers for Your Business

Top Pick: Goetland Stainless Steel Commercial Hand Dryer
Runner Up: VALENS Electric Hand Dryer
Best Value: JETWELL High Speed Commercial Automatic Eco Hand Dryer

Goetland Stainless Steel Commercial Hand Dryer

Top Pick: The polished stainless steel Goetland hand dryer uses 1800 watts to dry hands within 10-12 seconds by moving air at 200 mph. The infrared sensing distance is set between 2-5.9 inches, with noise ranging between 70-72 decibels. Ideal for commercial use, this hand dryer weighs 10.1 pounds.

This dryer can be easily wall-mounted and may be plugged in directly to an outlet.

Goetland Stainless Steel Commercial Hand Dryer 1800w Automatic High-Speed Heavy-Duty Dull Polished

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VALENS Electric Hand Dryer

Runner Up: At 1800 watts, this quiet hand dryer automatically uses an infrared sensor to start blowing air at 224 mph. This allows it to dry your hands in 8 seconds while removing 99.9% of particles from the air with the HEPA filter.

The 70 – 72 decibels of noise it produces are suitable for installations looking to limit noise pollution.

VALENS Electric Hand Dryer with HEPA Filter, Efficiency Max Touchless Hand Dryer

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JETWELL 2Pack High-Speed Commercial Automatic Eco Hand Dryer

Best Value: The JETWELL 2Pack UL hand dryer uses 1400 Watts to dry hands within 7 to 10 seconds. It comes with an infrared sensor that works up to six inches, and it has been tested to work more than 500,000 times. The brush motor operates at 72 decibels and uses 80% less energy.

This option is a great value if your business needs multiple hand dryers.

JETWELL 2Pack UL Listed High-Speed Commercial Automatic Eco Hand Dryer with HEPA Filter

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XLERATOR XL-SB Automatic High-Speed Hand Dryer 

The XLERATOR air hand dryer is made with a brushed stainless steel cover accompanied by a noise reduction nozzle that lowers the noise by 9 decibels. This surface-mounted hand dryer with a high-velocity air stream can dry hands in 10-15 seconds.

It also has an automatic infrared optical start/stop sensor that runs the dryer for 35 seconds or until hands are removed from under the sensor. It runs on 1500 watts and comes with a five-year warranty.

XLERATOR XL-SB Automatic High-Speed Hand Dryer with Brushed Stainless Steel Cover

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AIKE AK2903 Heavy Duty Commercial Hand Dryer

The carbon brush motor can dry your hands in 10 – 15 seconds. This dryer has a built-in HEPA filter, automatic heating that heats up to save more than 70% of energy use per day, UL approved, and 45-second overtime protection. The company guarantees the device for two years with worry-free replacement. This economical hand dryer comes highly rated by its users.

AIKE AK2903 Heavy Duty Commercial Hand Dryer with Hepa Filter Polished Stainless-Steel UL Approved

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ASIALEO Commercial Hand Dryer

This dryer takes up less space because of its patented horizontal compact design. It dries your hands in under 12 seconds using a motor tested for more than half a million times without any issues. The noise level comes in at 70db with 76.5 cubic feet per minute airflow.

It also features temperature control for either room temperature or warm air, and a corrosion-proof stainless steel cover.

ASIALEO Commercial Hand Dryer High-Speed Automatic Electric Hand Dryers

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Dyson Airblade dB Hand Dryer AB14

The Dyson hand dryer is one of the fastest hand dryers you can get, but the price puts it out of reach for many small businesses. It moves air at an amazing and unmatched 420 miles an hour. A dry time of around 11 seconds, a high-grade HEPA filter, a 5-year warranty, and a long-life brushless motor make it a quality dryer. This hand dryer may not be for everyone, but it gets rave reviews from suppliers.

Dyson Airblade dB Hand Dryer AB14

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World Dryer 0833 NOVA-1 Plug-In Economical Automatic Hand Dryer

The NOVA-1 by World Dryer is a cost-efficient option for smaller, lower traffic areas. It is compact and easy to install and dries hands in about 30 seconds. This model comes in a white epoxy enamel finish on die-cast aluminum for a clean and vandal-resistant surface. This dryer has a cord with a 3-prong plug, making it compatible with any 120-volt wall outlet.

World Dryer 0833 NOVA-1 Plug-In Economical Surface Mounted Plug-In Quick Install Automatic Hand Dryer

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Excel Dryer ThinAir Commercial Hand Dryer

This hand dryer by Excel is popular among energy-conscious small businesses mainly because it can qualify users for LEED credits. It promises to reduce paper towel waste and use 80% less energy than other commercial dryers. In addition, this model has adjustable heat and speed options and is ADA compliant. This surface-mounted hand dryer also features an anti-microbial cover and washable pre-filter.

Excel Dryer ThinAir ADA-Compliant Commercial Hand Dryer, Surface Mount, White Antimicrobial ABS Cover, 950 Watts 110/120V

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EnBath Commercial Hand Dryer

If you like supporting small businesses and saving money, consider this stainless steel option by EnBath. This compact dryer provides 224-mph-velocity for each session and has adjustable speed and volume options. It uses only 1350 watts of electricity for heated air and 500 watts for room temperature air.

Despite its small size, this dryer is built for long-term use and has been lab-tested over half a million times.

EnBath Hand Dryer (224 mph) Automatic Electric Hand Dryers for Bathrooms, Stainless Steel

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Alpine Industries Commercial Automatic Hand Dryer

This hand dryer from Alpine Industries combines power, energy efficiency and sleek design. Its 25,000 rpm brush motor dries hands in 10 seconds, making it ideal for high-traffic, heavily used areas.

This hand dryer is corrosion-proof and lightweight and has a lower price point than some of the other commercial hand dryers. It also is one of the few models offering different color choices.

Alpine Commercial Automatic Hand Dryer – High Speed Air Hand Dryer for Home

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AIKE AK2903 Heavy Duty Commercial Hand Dryer with Hepa Filter

The built-in Hepa filter is the star of the AIKE AK2903, providing clean and hygienic air for each use. Additionally, this model boasts a smart heating system, so it only uses warm air when the room temperature is below a certain level.

This hand dryer is made of corrosion-proof stainless steel, is UL approved, and comes with a two-year warranty.

AIKE AK2903 Heavy Duty Commercial Hand Dryer

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How to Choose the Best Hand Dryer for Your Business

A hand dryer may seem like a simple purchase, but you want to make sure you’re getting the right one for your business. There are several factors to consider before hitting the Buy Now button.

High Speed

The new generation of high-speed hand dryers are fast, with 10 to 15 seconds drying times now the standard for quality devices. However, not every business needs a high-speed hand dryer, and many of them are expensive. Standard speed hand dryers are a good option for lower traffic areas.

Automatic Hand Dryer

The optimal hand dryer for your business may be automatic or push-button. An automatic dryer is more sanitary and uses less energy because they turn off as soon as the hand is removed. Push-button models have a timer cycle that continues to run until it is over. Many automatic hand dryers have an air volume regulator to help reduce stack effects on building HVAC systems. A push-button hand dryer might be ideal if your space is small.


Businesses must be careful to comply with ADA guidelines when installing hand dryers. Most hand dryers are designed to be installed lower to the ground to ensure blind users visiting don’t accidentally bump into them. Keep this in mind when choosing a model and location. Models with a slimmer design can also help keep you in compliance.


Fast, powerful hand dryers can be noisy. Think about where the dryer will be installed – if it will be in or near a noise-sensitive area, look for quiet hand dryers with adjustable motor speeds or low decibels.

Energy Use

Most people switch from paper towels to hand dryers in an effort to reduce paper towel mess and energy costs. Contrary to the name, high-powered automatic units are, in reality, more energy-efficient. They dry hands quicker and automatically turn off when not in service.

Vandal Proof

Depending on the location, hand dryers can be roughed up. In this case, you do not want the most expensive/high-end unit. Look into vandal-proof and corrosion-proof dryers with a lower price point if this is a concern.

Easy to Install

Many hand dryers are listed as “easy to install,” while others recommend having an electrician assist with or complete the installation. Additionally, some hand dryers are plug-in while others are wireless. Some are designed to be either with some changes to the wiring. Think about who will install your hand dryers before choosing.


Hygiene has become more important than ever, and some dryers are more hygienic than others. Automatic hand dryers are more sanitary than push-button hand dryers since there is no need to touch them. However, most models come with hygienic accessories like washable filters, antimicrobial covers, or HEPA filters.


Hand dryers have become a standard in most public restrooms and other wash areas. Customers now expect a hand dryer in order to avoid another point of contact and to keep their time in the restroom brief. The good news is you can find hand dryers across all budgets and quickly install one in your place of business.

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