Best Anti Fatigue Mats for Work in 2022

Standing while working has become increasingly popular, with more employers and employees trying to be health-conscious. Many offices have started using standing desks so employees can spend less time sitting. However, standing on hardwood floors or other hard surfaces can also have negative effects on health, causing back pain, and leg and foot fatigue among others. To combat this, people are using an anti-fatigue or standing desk mat, which provides cushioning for prolonged standing.

A quality standing desk mat will support your legs and back while using a standing desk or anywhere you have to stand for an extended period, such as in restaurants, workshops, salons and points of sale.

What is an Anti-Fatigue Mat?

An anti-fatigue mat is a cushioned mat used to ease physical stress on the body, promote blood circulation, and reduce fatigue from standing for long periods.

Standing for long periods can cause leg cramps, back pain, varicose veins, and numerous other health issues. A standing mat is said to lower the time of “static standing,” by making you need to move around. This promotes circulation, good posture, among other things. Some mats have other features like balancing and massage for even more health benefits.

Why You Should Purchase an Anti Fatigue Mat

Many people find the move to standing in workplaces rewarding. Sitting is considered by many to “be the new smoking” as more and more is learned about the negative health effects of sitting.

Investing in a good standing desk mat may encourage more employees to make the transition to standing, and will enhance the experience for those who already do. Here are some reasons to make the investment:

Back Pain Relief: Standing increases pressure on the spine, which can cause muscle tightness and spasms, which lead to back pain. A well-cushioned mat will reduce this pressure on the spine.
Posture: Your standing posture, like your sitting posture, is directly tied to your back comfort. Anti-fatigue mats can assist your spine in maintaining angles and postures that have been shown to lessen back discomfort.
Assist with Joint Pain: Standing all day can lead to poor circulation in the legs., which can lead to hip, knee, and other joint pain. Mats that are textured encourage movement, which will keep the blood flowing.
Foot Fatigue: Standing for long periods of time causes stress on the feet, especially on hard surfaces. This can lead to swelling, bad arches and other foot pain and problems. Mats are cushioned to reduce the stress on feet, and some have additional features like massage points and balance boards.

Best Standing Desk Mats

The best standing desk mat for your business depends greatly on where and how it will be used. Fortunately, there is a large selection of different sizes and types of mats. Check our picks for the ten best:

Best Standing Desk Mat: Ergodriven Topo
Runner Up: Comfilife Mat
Best Value: Gorilla Grip Original Premium Mat

Ergodriven Topo Standing Desk Mat

Best Standing Desk Mat: This mat by Ergodriven is specifically designed for use with a standing desk. It features cushioned terrain, which the company says drives subconscious movement, stretching, and massage. This mat also features a unique indentation that allows the user to move or reposition the mat with one foot.

This mat is 26.2 x 2.7 x 29 inches and comes in black and purple. Ergodriven offers a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty and 100% full-refund satisfaction guarantee.

Topo Comfort Mat by Ergodriven with Calculated Terrain

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ComfiLife Floor Mat

Runner Up: This ComfiLife mat is made from 3/4″ thick foam and can reduce stress on the back, knees, and feet while standing for a long time. It is easy to clean and stain-resistant, durable, and has a non skid bottom. This mat can be used for a padded kitchen or cashier’s mat, or as a mat for your standing desk.

This mat is available in 13 different colors and 3 different sizes: 20″x39″ (shown), 20″x32″ and 24″x70″. ComfiLife offers a 100% moneyback lifetime guarantee on its products.

ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat – 3/4 Inch Thick

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Gorilla Grip Original Premium Mat

Best Value: This standing mat from Gorilla Grip features a pebble-textured top 3/4″ thick premium grade foam. There are several different colors and patterns available, so it can be decorative or barely noticed. This mat comes in six available size options, starting at 39″ x 20″ (shown).

This mat is said to be durable and will not break down or flatten over time.

Gorilla Grip Original Premium Comfort Mat

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Kangaroo Original Commercial Grade Anti Fatigue Standing Mat

This mat’s 3/4″ foam is ergonomically designed to provide a balance of firm and soft. The top and bottom are both textured and made to be easy to clean and durable.

This particular mat is 32″ x 20″ and half-circle shaped, although you can purchase it in other sizes and shapes. It is available in 3 colors.

Kangaroo Original Commercial Grade Standing Desk Mats

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Imprint CumulusPRO

Imprint states its mats are made with Cushion-Core technology, which is designed to reduce fatigue and improve comfort and productivity. It is made from durable polyurethane and features a no-trip design for added safety.

This mat has been tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute & an American Chiropractic Association (ACA) Partner and has a lifetime warranty.

Imprint CumulusPRO Commercial Standing Desk Mats

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Sky Mats Anti Fatigue Comfort Mat

Complete with a non-slip bottom and an anti-curl edge, these standing mats by Sky Mats are designed to help relieve spinal pressure and reduce lower back pain while increasing blood flow.

The mats are made of a 3/4″ thick high-density memory foam. They do not absorb liquids so they are easy to clean and come in several colors and patterns.

Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat by Sky Mats -Commercial Grade Quality

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FEZIBO Standing Desk Wobble Board

A departure from the traditional standing mats, FEZIBO offers this wobble balance board. The mat stays steady with an 8.5° tilting angle so you can get the full benefit of standing. Additionally, you can exercise and practice improving your balance by wobbling on the board.

This mat is made from high-density latex and can support up to 320 lbs. It comes with a free set of resistance bands.

FEZIBO Standing Desk Wooden Wobble Balance Board Stability Rocker

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Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics offers these budget-friendly standing desk mats mat made of half-inch thick foam. They have non-curl edges to prevent tripping, a nonslip bottom, and a textured top for traction.

This mat is 36 x 20″. It comes in black and brown.

Amazon Basics Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mats

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CubeFit Terra Standing Desk Mat

CubeFit offers a more movement-oriented mat with its Terra Mat. This unusual has a massage mound for tired feet, a balance bar to engage core muscles, a support track to stretch hip flexors, and a power wedge to stretch calves. This mat claims to combine the comfort of a flat mat and the 3D features of an active mat for over 11 different possible stances.

This mat is made from eco-friendly phthalate-free foam and is 30.31 x 27.56 x 3.15 inches in size. CubeFit offers a lifetime guarantee.

CubeFit TerraMat – Standing Desk Flat Mat

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Sky Solutions Mat with Acupressure Massage Ball

Another mat with a unique feature, this Sky Solutions mat features a built-in massaging roller ball to engage muscles and soothe tired feet. This mat is padded with built-in acupressure points for additional relief from standing for long periods.

Built with a sturdy edge and nonslip bottom, this mat is said to be good for high-traffic areas. It is made from recycled materials and is ?25.91 x 24.41 x 2.99 inches.

Sky Solutions Mat with Acupressure Massage Ball

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Comfilife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

The ComfiLife cushioned mat core is made of 3/4″ thick, high-density memory foam. It has a nonslip bottom and beveled edges to prevent curling.

This mat is 20″ x 32″ and comes in a wide variety of colors. ComfiLife offers a lifetime warranty on its floor mats.

ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

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GelPro Anti-Fatigue Hard Floor Utility Mat

Last on our list is this mat by GelPro that is specifically designed for hard floors like those in garages and warehouses. At half an inch thick, these mats are flat compared to some others on our list. However, GelPro assures its buyers the thick polyurethane Ergo-Foam won’t bottom out.

These gel mats have a leather grain textured surface, a low profile for easy movement, and nonslip backing. It is 20″ x 72″ and rectangular and is said to be easy to clean and durable. GelPro products are made in the USA.

NewLife by GelPro Anti-Fatigue Nonslip 1/2″ Thick Hard Floor Utility Mat

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What to Look for in Anti-Fatigue Mats

Here are some important factors to look for when looking for the best standing desk mats for your needs:

Size: Consider the size of the area where the mat will be placed, and make sure you select one large enough that it will be effective but compact enough to fit in its desired space.
Cushion: The mat’s thickness has a lot to do with how comfortable it is. Decide how much cushioning and support are needed.
Surface Grip: Make sure the mat has enough grip not to slide. At the same time, you should be able to adjust it easily without too much effort.
Terrain: Some mats have a varied terrain and other features to encourage movement.
Floor Surface: Keep in mind what kind of floor you have. Most mats are suitable for both hard floors like wood and concrete and softer surfaces like grass. Make sure you purchase a mat that is suitable for the surface it will be used on.
Durability: Makes sure the mat is made from long-lasting durable materials
Warranty: Many of the mats on our list come with warranties lasting for several years or even the lifetime of the product.

How to Use an Anti Fatigue Mat

Anti-fatigue mats should be placed in the center of your workspace. You should be able to move it around to your liking, but it should not slip or slide. It is never recommended to place furniture on top of anti-fatigue mats, as it can compress the cushioning and ruin the mat.

What kind of anti-fatigue mat is best?

This depends on how and where you will be using it. A standing mat can be used just about anywhere a person will be on their feet, but some are more suited to desks than others. If you intend to use a standing mat at your desk, consider one that is made specifically for that use. For points of sale, kitchens, or warehouses, a regular flat mat would probably be best.

Do anti-fatigue floor mats work?

Research shows that having a mat to stand on can lower 50% of fatigue. It also has been shown a standing mat can reduce joint pressure, back pain, foot fatigue, and more. It is definitely better than standing on a hard surface.

How thick should a standing mat be?

Again, this is a matter of personal preference. Typically the best standing desk mats are between 1/2 and 3/4 inches thick, but some are thicker or thinner.


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