AT&T Offering Up to 5-Gig Fiber Internet in 70 US Markets

AT&T, the largest provider of mobile telephone services in the US, is to deliver fiber with up to 5-gigs of speed.

AT&T Fiber customers can now access 5-gig speed tiers in more than 70 metro areas, reaching almost 5.2 million customers.

The telecoms giant says it will continue to roll-out multi-gig technology across its current fiber footprint throughout 2022. The extended 5-gig technology is part of AT&T’s future expansion efforts to cover 30 million customer locations by the end of 2025.

AT&T Rolls Out Multi-Gig Fiber Internet

The company has also announced it is simplifying its pricing structure for AT&T Fiber portfolio customers. New customers will not receive equipment fees, an annual contract, data caps or a price increase for 12 months. Instead, they will have access to the fastest internet, plus AT&T ActiveArmor internet security, next-gen Wi-Fi, and HBO Max included on its fastest speed plans, for no additional cost.

Fast and Reliable Internet is Essential

With business operations being increasingly carried out online as workforces maintain remote or hybrid models of working and customers demanding online shopping, a fast internet speed as become an imperative part of business operations.

Small businesses therefore need to know of the best internet deals available to them and which locations provide the fastest internet speeds, such as AT&T’s new 5-gig roll-out.

Roger Entner, Founder and Lead Analyst of Recon Analytics, shares his thoughts on the importance of a fast and reliable internet:

“The pandemic has significantly changed how consumers and businesses use the internet and what is required from a broadband provider.

“Faster is better – but reliability is best. And AT&T has shown it has both with AT&T Fiber.”

Affordable Connectivity Program

AT&T is also committed to eliminating the digital divide by connecting more Americans to high-speed and reliable broadband. To achieve this, the telecoms company is expanding and upgrading its network and is participating in the federal Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

The ACP provides eligible households with up to $30 a month and up to $75 on qualifying Tribal lands to reduce the cost of broadband service, including AT&T’s new multi-gig speed tiers.

Businesses and individuals working from home would be wise to stay on top of AT&T’s new offerings to ensure they have the best broadband for the best prices to ensure their digital activities run as seamlessly and cost-effectively as possible.

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