AT&T and TransUnion Introduce Branded Call Display Technology

In partnership with TransUnion, AT&T has unveiled a cutting-edge service that marks a significant advancement in telecommunication: the industry’s first in-network branded call display featuring logos. This innovative feature allows AT&T wireless customers to see the name and brand logo of participating businesses on their phone’s display during incoming calls, all without an additional application.

This service represents a major leap forward in ensuring consumer confidence in phone communications, leveraging the STIR/SHAKEN standards to verify that the caller’s number has not been compromised or illegally spoofed. This verification process is crucial in an era where fraudulent calls are on the rise, offering AT&T customers an added layer of security and peace of mind.

Erin Scarborough, AT&T’s Senior Vice President of Mass Markets Product Management, emphasized the company’s commitment to secure and trusted communications. “We’re obsessed with giving our customers secure and trusted calls,” Scarborough said, expressing excitement over the collaboration with TransUnion for a more enriched and visually informative calling experience.

The initiative comes in response to a growing demand for better protection against unwanted calls and fraud. A recent survey by TransUnion highlighted the extent of consumer apprehension, with a significant majority of respondents expressing reluctance to answer calls from unknown numbers due to fears of robocalls and fraud. The survey also found that many consumers missed important calls because they did not recognize the caller, underscoring the need for a solution like AT&T and TransUnion’s branded call display.

The service, powered by TruContact Branded Call Display technology developed by Neustar (now part of TransUnion), is a game-changer for both consumers and businesses. It aims to reduce missed connections caused by call avoidance, fostering a more trustworthy and efficient communication landscape. For businesses, this means a higher likelihood of their calls being answered when they can display their name and logo directly on the caller ID, effectively bridging the trust gap with their customers.

James Garvert, TransUnion’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, TruContact Communications Solutions, spoke of the development as the culmination of years of effort and collaboration. “This is helping restore trust in the phone to protect enterprises and consumers alike,” Garvert remarked, outlining the evolution from Caller ID for landlines to the first generation of branded calling, and now to the introduction of branded call display logos.

AT&T wireless customers will automatically benefit from this feature, with logos appearing on incoming calls from participating businesses and organizations without any required action on their part. The service is compatible with Android devices, where the branded logo will be visible when the phone rings and also in the call details page after a missed call. On other operating systems, the logo will appear if the phone is unlocked or facial recognition is engaged.

This partnership between AT&T and TransUnion is a testament to both companies’ dedication to innovation and consumer trust, setting a new standard for transparency and security in telecommunications. As this technology rolls out, it promises to redefine the way consumers interact with incoming calls, making the act of answering the phone a more informed and secure decision.

Image: Transunion, att

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