Amazon Prime Fees Going Up

Amazon announced Thursday that it’s increasing the subscription fee for the Amazon Prime service.

Amazon Prime offers fast, free shipping on millions of items, and small business owners across the country take advantage of this service to get goods shipped to them without any added cost.

The new prices will go into effect on Feb. 18 for new Prime members and existing members will see a price increase with their first renewal after March 25.

Amazon Prime Fees Increasing to $14.99 Per Month

The news on the increase in Amazon Prime fees was included in the company’s 2021 fourth-quarter results report.

Here’s a look at how the rates for Amazon Prime are increasing:

Amazon Prime (monthly)
Old rate: $12.99
New rate: $14.99

Amazon Prime (annually)
Old rate: $119
New rate: $139

The company says the increase in price is reflective of a rise in wages for workers as well as transportation costs, mostly.

Only US customers will see an increase in their Prime fees. This is the first increase to the cost of Amazon Prime since 2018, the company says.

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