50 Essential eBay Statistics

As a major player in global e-commerce, eBay stands as an influential marketplace catering to buyers, sellers and investors alike. Understanding eBay’s operational dynamics—highlighted in the following statistics—provides crucial insights into consumer trends, market competitiveness and investment opportunities. The vast reach of eBay and its diverse user base underline the platform’s relevance in shaping e-commerce strategies across the globe.

eBay at a Glance: Overview and General eBay Statistics

Launched in 1995, eBay has evolved into one of the world’s most recognized online marketplaces. Known initially as a consumer-to-consumer platform, eBay now caters to businesses, boasting more than 1.8 billion live listings and operating in more than 100 countries.

As of 2023, eBay maintains a user base of about 133 million active buyers globally, underscoring its massive scale and influence. Notably, the platform hosts more than 18 million sellers, offering a diverse range of products across multiple categories.

eBay demonstrates continued strength in the eCommerce industry, and its mobile app is a significant driver of transactions, with 58% of U.S. eBay sales now being mobile-driven. These data points represent eBay’s pivotal role in global online retail, its substantial user engagement and its commitment to mobile-first e-commerce.

Key eBay User Statistics

Diving deeper into eBay’s core strength – its expansive and diverse user base – provides vital insights into demographic distribution, growth trends and behavioral patterns. This analysis contributes to understanding the e-commerce giant’s wide-ranging influence, market adaptability and potential for future expansion.

Understanding eBay’s Global Reach

On a global scale, more than 133 million people actively use eBay for buying and selling activities in 190 markets.

Trailing only the e-commerce juggernaut Amazon, eBay was the second-most popular online marketplace worldwide in 2022, averaging about 3 billion visits per month. eBay also boasted the world’s second-highest web traffic during the same period, with an average of 307 million monthly unique visitors.

Of eBay’s global top 1,000 sellers, the largest group calls the United Kingdom home, with 399. Another 252 top sellers are from the United States, followed by 217 in Germany, 43 in China and 41 in Australia.

The Behavior of eBay Users

Trending searches conducted by eBay users fluctuate seasonally. For example, according to data from eBay Ads, searches for “heated blanket” on ebay.co.uk increased 147% in October 2021 compared to the previous month. Meanwhile, searches for “hot water bottle” and “loft insulation” rose by 121% and 80%, respectively.

Research from eBay Ads also revealed that buyers are growing increasingly frugal amid inflation-related pressures, as 32% put deals and budget items at the top of their shopping lists. One in every five eBay shoppers also focuses on searching for second-hand items to save money.

Users find eBay a highly engaging platform, and they average more than seven minutes per interaction or visit to the online marketplace. In fact, eBay users spend more than 3 hours and 30 minutes each month on the platform.

Spotlight on eBay Sellers: Vital eBay Seller Statistics

Unraveling eBay’s intricate seller landscape brings focus to the platform’s commercial backbone. Data reflecting seller experiences, success rates and challenges can elucidate the dynamics of doing business on eBay, offering invaluable perspectives into competitive strategies, market opportunities and potential roadblocks.

The Demographics of eBay Sellers

Americans represent the largest group of eBay sellers, as 31% of all sellers on the platform are from the United States. The United Kingdom represents 29% of all eBay sellers, while 15% hail from Germany, and 12% are from China.

Loyalty remains a key characteristic of eBay sellers. According to Marketplace Pulse research, 55% of the top eBay sellers have been selling products on the platform for 10 years or longer. Some have been selling on eBay for more than 20 years.

In 2023, the average annual income for eBay resellers in the United States is $59,333, or about $28.53 an hour.

More than 68% of eBay users are male, while nearly 32% identify as female.

From Challenges to Triumphs: The Dynamic World of eBay Sellers

The top-selling items on eBay include cables, men’s clothing, fragrances, computers, car phone holders and wireless chargers.

According to eBay’s own research, listings featuring good-quality photos are 5% more likely to sell than those with no or poorly taken pictures.

Sellers offer free shipping on 71% of eBay purchases as a way to attract buyers and increase visibility.

Since September 2022, eBay user worldofbooks08, a business specializing in the sale of used books, has been the top eBay seller based on monthly feedback for the previous 30-day period. In one month, the bookseller recorded more than 91,000 feedback ratings, reflecting high levels of customer satisfaction and buyer engagement with the seller.

The Financial Picture: eBay Revenue Statistics

eBay’s financial health, encapsulated in its revenue figures and trends, signals the company’s performance and future growth prospects. An exploration of these important eBay statistics, coupled with an understanding of influencing factors, offers a comprehensive snapshot of eBay’s current economic standing and its trajectory in the global e-commerce sector.

Revenue Breakdown: Where Does eBay’s Income Come From?

In its first year doing business, eBay’s 1996 revenue was $32 million. By 2022, eBay’s total revenue had grown to $9.8 billion.

eBay’s first-quarter revenue in 2023 was $2.5 billion. Half of that originated from international sales.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, eBay generated $319 million in advertising revenue, comprised of $319 million from promoted listings, and $43 million from third-party advertising.

In 2021, $9.772 billion of eBay’s $10.42 billion revenue came from fees.

eBay Purchases

At the height of the global pandemic, face masks were by far the best-selling products on eBay, as more than 293 items sold per listing each week. Mobile phones and smartphones were also among the best-selling categories at that time, averaging 76 weekly units sold per listing.

The average eBay buyer in the. The United States spent $700 in 2021.

According to eBay, 80% of all merchandise sold on the platform is new, and 88% of items sold on eBay are Buy It Now transactions, with no bidding required.

Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) on eBay: A Deep Dive

The eBay gross merchandise volume represents the total value of goods sold on the platform over a specific period. This crucial metric illustrates the platform’s economic throughput and serves as a significant indicator of its overall marketplace activity, health and potential for revenue generation.

GMV Trends on eBay

In 2023’s first quarter, eBay’s GMV was $18.4 billion, down by 5% year-over-year. It also dropped by 15% from 2021 to 2022. In fact, the recent quarter was the eighth-consecutive period in which the important metric dropped.

eBay’s annual gross merchandising volume for 2022 amounted to $73.9 billion, down from $87.3 billion in 2021.

In 2022, about 20% of eBay’s GMV involved cross-border trade, even though only about 50% of U.S. inventory currently can be shipped to international markets.

Embracing Mobile: eBay App Statistics

The following statistics illustrate the ways in which mobile shopping dominates the eBay marketplace:

Globally, the eBay mobile app was downloaded 2.5 million times in October 2022. Monthly global eBay app downloads peaked in May 2020, with 4.7 million downloads.

In March of 2023, the largest share of U.S.-based mobile eBay shoppers were aged 18 to 24, with 39%. Adults aged 25 to 34 composed about 36% of the eBay mobile shopping audience

In March 2023, more than 67% of mobile eBay shoppers in the United States were men. Women made up 38% of eBay’s mobile audience.

U.S. shoppers with a household income of less than $25,000 composed more than 34% of eBay’s mobile audience. eBay shoppers with household incomes ranging from $40,000 to $60,000 made up the second largest group.

Key eBay Buyer Statistics

Sellers can make more informed strategies by understanding the demographics, spending habits and preferences of eBay buyers, including the following statistics:

According to eBay’s 2022 Recommerce Report survey, 90% of buyers say they purchased pre-owned goods on eBay in the prior year. In some countries, however, that number is even higher.

eBay shoppers commonly cited cost savings as their primary reason for buying pre-owned items, with 56% of Recommerce Report respondents citing it as a main reason.

eBay boasts 1.8 billion listings – more than 13 times its number of buyers.

Online Storefronts: eBay Store Statistics

eBay stores are small websites hosted on the platform that allows sellers to showcase their brands and products.

eBay store sellers see an average 25% increase in sales three months following their stores’ openings.

Between 1996 and 2021, more than 800,000 eBay stores opened on the platform. While about 45% of those stores joined eBay more than 10 years ago, about 30% launched over the past five years.

Ensuring a Positive Experience: eBay Customer Satisfaction Statistics

eBay buyers enjoy protection against scams and bad service. eBay acts as a third-party arbitrator in dispute situations, so customers feel safer making purchases, even from unfamiliar brands.

Customers who buy an item on eBay are invited to rate their experiences with the sellers. A seller’s feedback score is shown as a percentage alongside their listings. So, for example, if a seller has a score of 98%, it means that 98 out of every 100 buyers who left feedback had a positive experience.

In 2021, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, eBay’s customer satisfaction score was 76 out of 100 index points.

eBay’s customer satisfaction scores have remained 76 in 2022 and 2023, the 16th highest rank among major online retailers in 2023, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

A World of Products: eBay Listing Statistics

With an impressive 1.7 billion listings in 2022, eBay’s vast array of products remains one of its core strengths. Delving into the specifics of these listings sheds light on product diversity, trending categories, and seller strategies, helping decipher eBay’s expansive marketplace dynamics.

The Diversity of eBay Listings

Some of the easiest eBay listings to sell are cables, whether charging phones or connecting other devices. These items are currently listed 2.1 million times on eBay. In fact, the average listing for cables makes at least 300 online sales in 30 days.

With 13 million listings, men’s clothing also ranks among the categories with the most items listed for sale on eBay. While it’s a competitive category, 89% of listings for men’s clothing are successful.

Other shopping categories with the highest listing success rates demonstrate the diversity of eBay products, including T-shirts, fragrances, computers, car phone holders, wireless chargers and necklaces.

Looking Ahead: Future Trends and Predictions for eBay

Projecting eBay’s future trajectory requires an examination of potential growth opportunities and potential challenges. Drawing from expert forecasts, market trends and forward-looking statistics like those above, such analysis can provide an outlook on eBay’s potential to navigate an ever-evolving e-commerce landscape and maintain its market stronghold.

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