5 Places to Get Sewing Supplies for Your Business

Whether you run a clothing business or a fabric craft business, good sewing supplies will be incredibly beneficial for you. However, finding the right sewing supplies for your needs can often be challenging, or figuring out what other supplies you need as demand for your products increases. To help your sewing business grow, we’ve put together a guide to help you find the best sewing supplies to add to your sewing room.

The Sewing Market in 2022

With more and more people interested in handmade goods, there is a real demand for high-quality sewn products. Many people have taken a one-off sewing project to build their skills and start a business around it.

The sewing market is seeing stable growth across different types of sewing category options such as embroidery, quilting, and handmade clothing. There is definitely demand for sewing, whether it’s decor or functional products.


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Top Places to Buy Sewing Supplies Online

There are many types of stores where you can purchase sewing supplies, depending on what you’re looking for there. You can start your search in many places, such as a dedicated notions shop, a popular brand shop for supplies, or an all-purpose craft store.

1. Amazon

If you’re looking for a variety of supplies for sewing, as well as functional items such as packaging materials, Amazon is a one-stop shop. You can pick up a wide array of items and have them delivered quickly so you can carry out sewing projects quickly.

2. Etsy

Etsy is another one-stop shop when it comes to sewing supplies specifically. You can find tons of material for craft items such as embroidery, quilting, jewelry, and more to create unique sewn products. You can also find sewing patterns and other useful things to make the design process more manageable.

3. Joann

Joann has long been a staple in the fabric and craft community for its bulk options and excellent product selection. You can find all manner of sewing supplies at Joann, including yarn, beads, fabric, zippers, pins, and more, to create crafts at a competitive price.

4. Michaels

Michaels has been another staple in the craft world since it offers both art supplies and sewing supplies. You can shop at Michaels for yarn and needlework, fabric, thread, and other items from leading brands.

5. Loralie Designs

Loralie Designs is an option if you’re seeking specific sewing items, such as fabrics from leading designers, quilting supplies, and other creative tools. While it doesn’t necessarily have functional items such as bobbins or pins, it can be a great way to find interesting fabrics and supplies for your products.


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Essential Sewing Supply

If you’re starting your own sewing business, it’s essential to stock up on important items you’ll frequently use, so it makes sense to invest money purchasing them. Some of the key things you’ll need for your sewing business include:


Finding the right fabric can transform your project and help stock amazing items in your shop. When it comes to fabric, it’s essential to consider the material you use, its weight, and the types of projects you’re undertaking, Having many different fabric opinions, such as prints, patterns, and floral options, enables you to complete lots of different kinds of products and offer a wide variety to customers.


When it comes to threads, there are a lot of different options available. That’s why you should take your time to shop around and understand thread variety and what works best for your idea. There is embroidery thread, sewing thread, and stronger types of thread used for bigger projects such as home decor items. Again, having a variety of threads in stock gives you plenty of flexibility in what you can make.

Sewing Tools for Business

As part of sewing supplies, you might also need some sewing accessories to complement what you already have


Bobbins are useful for organizing your thread and storing it easily. Depending on your preference, you can use plastic bobbins to wind the thread around or get round wooden ones. Bobbins are relatively low in price, so you can purchase them in bulk, making storage far easier to manage in your sewing room.

Sewing Machine

A heavy-duty, high-quality sewing machine will be instrumental in helping you work faster and quicker. Many top brands like Singer and Brother offer sewing machines at various price points. Smaller ones may be better if you don’t have much space, but if you want to increase your products, large sewing machines may be the better option.


As with the other supplies, you’ll likely need a few different kinds of needles depending on your projects. For example, thin embroidery needs are suitable for needlework and delicate crafts. But you might need a thicker needle to sew bags and clothes and work with heavier fabric. With so many choices in this category, it’s important to browse a store or site to understand which one works best for you before purchasing.


Depending on the type of products you make, having zippers as part of your accessories can prove to be helpful. You can use zippers alongside your fabric and sewing machine to make products such as bags, clothes, kids’ items, and more.

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Where Is the Best Place to Buy Wholesale Sewing Supplies?

Many businesses offer great prices and exclusive promotions for sewing supplies. The place to buy wholesale sewing supplies is a dedicated sewing store such as Joann. They have a wide variety of brands and may offer options to ship to you to help you save money on bulk purchases.

What Are the Most Important Sewing Supplies for Business?

Many supplies are essential for sewing businesses, but the most important one is fabric. Good fabric can turn a good product into great and really creates the look and feel of the product, especially with the design and weight of the material.

What Is the Most Popular Brand for Sewing Machines?

The most popular brand for sewing machines is Singer, as it is a high-end brand with good quality.

What Are the Types of Sewing Notions?

Notions are small objects and accessories used in sewing. Notions include buttons, snaps, needles, thread, elastic, measuring tape, and marking pens.

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