16 Hilarious Work Fails

Did you ever have one of those days at work? We’ve all been there when we can’t figure out if it’s Murphy’s Law or if we were born under a bad sign. Sometimes all you can do is laugh. It’s no wonder why #workfails is always popular across so many social media platforms. Small business mistakes can be hazardous, but these workplace mishaps are hilarious, and we can’t help but relate to the protagonists… or should we call them victims?

Best Ever Work Fails

Seeking some of the best-ever work fails on the web? Do your interests include the misfortunes of others? Look no further! We’ve rounded up some of the funniest bouts of bad luck in the workplace, as well as some work-from-home fails, and we’ve compiled the best photos and videos from Youtube, Twitter, TikTok, and Reddit for you below.

1. It’s Just One of Those Days

@adebidofficial #baddayatwork #airport #workfail #badday #ohno #comment #xyzbca #foryou #fyp #joker #idiots #idiotsatwork #viralvideo #foryoupage #trend #viral ? Bad Day – Daniel Powter

Sometimes so many things go wrong you just don’t care anymore. We can empathize with this worker, but we can’t help but feel bad for the passengers helplessly watching their bags tumble to the ground.

2. Hopefully He’s Paid By the Hour

@funny.tiktokker #ohno #idiots #idiotsatwork #workfail #failvideos #sodumb #workeroftheyear #fyp #foryou ? Oh No, Oh No, Oh No No No Song – Tiktok Remix – Tik tok

Whoops! There’s nothing worse than finishing services perfectly… almost. This work fail turned into a huge mess, and we aren’t talking about the floor. Hopefully, he got to shower before starting over from square one.

3. When HR Comes Calling

@heyitshogan I texted my coworker instead of my girlfriend… brb crying #fyp #workfail #wrongtext #cringetok ? Lobby Music (Original Soundtrack) – Kahoot!

Work from home fails can happen just as easily as those in the workplace. These fails might not involve spills or falls, but accidents like this one can be even more embarrassing when they happen in writing.

4. Somebody Needs a Raise

Poor Megan, that paint will take forever to wash off! We only hope she’s making enough money to make this mess worthwhile. How did this work fail happen, anyway?

5. When You Didn’t Expect a Free Haircut…

Ouch! Talk about a work fail! Nobody wants an accidental haircut, and we wonder how the hair found its way into the machine? Somebody missed the memo that shredders are for paper!

6. Foiled by Fido

Who can’t relate to this line painter whose meticulous design was spoiled by a literal piece of poo? Did they fail to notice the dogpile, or did they simply no longer care?

7. Did That Really Just Happen?

@failarmy Her co-worker’s reaction. ?#FailArmy @southerntherapy1 ..#workfail #fails #funnyfail #work #failvideo ? original sound – FailArmy

It’s a good thing this poor worker was only dealing with packing peanuts. Otherwise, the work fail would have stung a lot more than her pride!

8. That’s One Way of Sliding Into First Base

@wsdash Hose your Daddy #baseball #workfail #milb #fullsend #facial #leak ? sonido original – Sr. Lucifer

Work fails can be teambuilding activities when coworkers literally dive in to help. We don’t think that’s what they mean by sliding into base, though. At least this work fail gave us all a good laugh.

Funniest Work Fails on the Web

Plenty more work from home fails and workplace fails can be found all around the web. It’s hard to measure the genuine humor involved. But don’t take our word for it, check out these hilarious #workfails for yourself!

9. Maybe Don’t Take Your Own Advice So Seriously Next Time

You’d think the driver of a vehicle touting, “You Can Do It,” would be a little more careful. Sorry, buddy, but you, in fact, cannot do it. Hope B&Q has decent insurance to help with this work fail.

10. Double Check That Mirror Before Work Next Time

This outfit might have looked cute in front of a full-length mirror, but it became a major work fail behind a computer screen. Wonder how long Lindsey’s co-workers let her sit there looking naked before someone told her the truth about this work fail?

11. Wardrobe Malfunction Before the Big Meeting? No Problem!

We bet this office worker was longing for the good old days of Zoom meetings when this wardrobe malfunction happened. Thank goodness for a handful of safety pins!

12. If at First You Don’t Succeed…

@kingonthesite Oh dear… ?#NewGuy #WorkFail #Fail ? original sound – King On The Site

We were all the new guy on the job at one time or another, so we all should be able to relate to the pitfalls of learning a new skill. Surely his perseverance paid off by the end of the day… or his crew had to start the wall over again after this work fail.

13. A Slip Like That Never Fails to Deliver

#restauranthumour #workfail #fail #slips #cheflife #funny #lol #lmfao #haha #LMFAOOOOOOO #falling pic.twitter.com/ZsGWBC3iEf

— COREY HERIOT (@Chef_Riot) June 8, 2021

Why are falls so funny? We can’t help but chuckle at the misfortune of this worker, but at least his kind-hearted co-worker was there to lend a helping hand.

14. Somebody Probably Lost Their Job Over This Job Fail

Are there even words to describe this work fail? How on Earth was this accident with a car lift even possible? You can’t help but feel bad for the worker, who may not have had a job by the end of the day.

15. ‘Survive Avalanche’ Was Not in the Job Description

This work fail compilation on YouTube showcases some very expensive workplace mistakes that could have cost jobs… or lives. Should we feel bad for laughing the hardest at the most expensive disasters?

16. When You’re Ready to Quit But Don’t Want to Say You Quit

Do you think this worker was a little tired of doing their job? Surely, this was the painter’s last day, but we wonder if the boss knew it before sending them to that location? That’s definitely one way to say goodbye to a job you hate!

Image: Depositphotos

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