16 Beach Business Ideas

As we move into the summer season, it’s time to start thinking about business ideas – particularly beach business ideas that you can run as a successful seasonal business. Summer is one of the prime travel times for tourists, and there are plenty of opportunities for people to set up a successful business during the season. We’ll go through some of the best business ideas for beach towns and how to get started.

What Is a Beach Business?

A beach business is essentially a business that operates in a beach town and is generally seasonal. Or it might be a year-round business but sees peak activity during the summer when people are at the beach. A beach business idea is usually related to the beach itself, serving some need or demand from visitors.

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The Beach Business Industry in 2022

As travel comes back on the horizon for many, those residing in a beach town will see an influx of tourists. The beach business industry is poised to grow in 2022, with the opportunity to significantly create businesses and earn revenue. Always make sure to check the appropriate licensing requirements that beaches require before starting any venture.

Why You Should Consider Starting a Beach Business

If you’re looking for creative business ideas that you can have fun with, a beach business might be right for you. For small business owners, a beach business works well for a variety of reasons, such as:

Flexibility: Beach businesses hit their peak during the summer, which means the rest of the year allows for flexibility to pursue other opportunities
Stimulate the economy: Beach communities benefit from the business, which means more job creation and valuable business opportunities for the broader market.
Tourist-friendly: A beach business is essential to making a beach town hospitable for visitors and tourists and providing facilities and options to enjoy tourist attractions

Top Beach Business Ideas

Most beach communities have thriving small businesses that are economically sound and offer valuable services to visitors and residents alike. We’ll explore some of the top beach business ideas that you can effectively market to grow into a brilliant business:

1. Jet Ski Rental Business

One of the top beach businesses is a rental shop for beach activities such as jet skis. This is a fun business idea that is always popular during the summer, attracting mostly youth and adventure sport seekers who are interested in various equipment related to adventure sports.

2. Surf Shop

Another type of rental shop to consider for the summer is a surf shop. Customers can come in and rent surfing equipment. You can also offer surfing lessons over the summer using various surfing equipment or general swimming lessons as well.

3. House Sitting Business

With so many people traveling over the summer, home sitting services in a beach town can be a lucrative business idea. It essentially entails taking care of houses, including keeping an eye on utilities, watering plants, and any general upkeep that may be required.

4. Fishing Tour Services

If your beach town is known for its marine life and fishing hotspots, you can build a business around that. You can create a tour service that takes visitors to different fishing locations. You can offer group discounts as an incentive and provide various fishing equipment to make into a money-spinner.

5. Boat Cleaning Service

Cleaning services, particularly for boats, are always in demand and can be a great way to earn money. If you can properly market your services to boat owners, you can create a consistent client base.

6. Rental Business

If you have the required capital, there are many other types of rental businesses you can start. Think about the local market and what’s missing for target populations that you can offer. This could include event tools such as great lighting systems, tents, and tables for weddings and other occasions.

7. Photography Business

Building on the last point, summer is usually a time for celebrations, including weddings, graduations, and more. Offering up photography services for occasions like these during the summer can be a great way to spend time building a portfolio while also making money.

8. Lodging Business

Most businesses see an uptick in lodging during the summer, such as bed and breakfast establishments, AirBnBs, and more – as long you offer allied facilities such as wifi and food. This is especially useful if you have a beachside property or live close to touristy places.

9. Home Inventory Business

Many businesses set up home inventory services for customers, including cataloging local items and possessions. This is especially useful for beachside communities where residents may have more of a luxurious lifestyle and want to create an inventory of their prized possessions.

More Great Business Ideas to Start on the Beach

Looking for even more inspiration for your beach business idea? We’ve put together some other options that could work as a seasonal business.

10. Laundry Business

Since hotels and lodging get booked up fast, there is often increased demand for laundry services in bulk, which could prove lucrative.

11. Ferry Business

If it’s challenging for residents and tourists to get around, consider looking into ferries as they can prove to be a useful form of transport.

12. Delivery Service

Increased demand for local food and other items can make delivery services more valuable for businesses and customers, especially if you can offer speedy delivery times.

13. Dinner Cruises

If tourists are spending time looking for activities to do, why not fill the gap with fun options for them? There are many different types of cruises beaches offer, making it fun to explore and a new way for residents and tourists to explore the area with good music and food options.

14. Beach Bar

While beach bars may not seem like a special attraction, they can be a fantastic place for tourists and residents to hang out and makes beaches more lively and fun during the summer for everyone.

15. Gift Shop

If your area is known for something unique and fun, or if you want to offer tourists a memento of their trip, gift shops are an avenue to explore. You can stock fun souvenirs and local merchandise to highlight everything that makes your beach town special.

16. Restaurants

Locals and tourists are always looking for affordable options for food without compromising the food experience. For example, you can open a pop-up or delivery-only restaurant that offers local cuisines and international dishes to hungry diners.

What Is the Best Business Idea to Open on a Beach?

The best business beach ideas are socially relevant and offer something new and unique for locals and tourists. The best business idea to open on a beach is a rental business for beach items and equipment to ensure everyone can fully enjoy the beach itself.

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Can You Make Money While Living on the Beach?

Although there is worry about the seasonal crisis with beach businesses, people can make money living in a beach community. Many ideas don’t require a lot of investment to operate on the beach and can be a good source of income.

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