12 Printable Ring Sizer Options

There’s nothing more frustrating for a jewelry customer than buying a ring that doesn’t fit. Small businesses can help them avoid this unwanted scenario by offering them the ability to measure their ring sizes. It’s one of those minor details of how to start a jewelry business that can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

But how do you measure ring sizes for virtual customers buying jewelry online at popular websites like Etsy and Amazon Handmade? Fortunately, plenty of printable ring sizers are available for online purchase and digital download.

What is a Printable Ring Sizer?

While professional ring sizers can be purchased, it’s just as easy to download a printable ring sizer that can be emailed or even mailed to a potential jewelry customer for proper sizing. These documents are available in both PDF and JPG image formats.

Once printed, they can be cut out and used to measure a finger’s ring size, either by wrapping a strip of paper around the finger or measuring another ring against a chart of sizing circles. Either way, the measurements are marked on the printout to determine the best ring size.

How to Choose the Best Printable Ring Sizer for Your Business

Selecting a ring sizer for your customers is an important step in understanding how to sell jewelry on Etsy and other online marketplaces. With so many printable ring sizers available to choose from online, how do you choose the best one for your business?

The following tips can help you choose the best ring sizer and ensure it properly measures for your customers:

Identify your target audience. Will your customers primarily be women or men, who might need larger sizing options? Will the rings be sold in standard American measurements or international sizes?
Choose a type of ring sizer. Will you offer your customers a paper strip to wrap around their fingers, a sequence of circles to match to their existing ring or just a chart that helps them convert their measurements?
What is your budget? Most printable ring sizers can be purchased for only a few dollars.
Test the printable ring sizer before sending it to your customers. Print out the downloaded file, then measure it with a ruler to ensure its accuracy.

12 Best Printable Ring Sizer Options

Still unsure which printable ring sizer is best for your small business? You can find a host of downloadable ring sizer options on Etsy, including the following 12 of the best printable ring sizer strips and charts:

1. Printable Ring Size Chart PDF

This printable ring-size chart PDF from eDiamonds is available to purchase and download on Etsy. The file includes a printable ring sizer strip as well as step-by-step instructions for how to properly use it.

2. Printable Ring Size Template

Another great option for a printable ring sizer strip is this detailed ring sizing chart from Lombardo Jewelry, available to purchase and download from Etsy. Simply print the strip and measurements in the correct size, cut out the shape and wrap it around your finger.

3. Printable Ring Sizes Chart PDF

This printable ring sizer chart from Knots and Fibers Ring Co. features a series of perfectly-sized circles. Customers need only hold their existing ring to the shapes to match the correct ring size.

4 Men’s Ring Size Chart PDF

Men typically wear much larger ring sizes than women, so it’s important that the printable ring sizer strip or ring size chart is large enough to accommodate the average men’s ring size. This option from EmporioDesign, sold on Etsy, measures up to size 13.

5. Women’s Printable Ring Sizer

Just as it’s important to offer ring sizers large enough for a man’s hands, it’s important to include a women’s printable ring sizer that features all the correct size rings for women’s smaller fingers. The above ring size chart for women from VEslashO is available from Etsy and measures rings as small as a size 3.5.

6. Printable How to Measure Ring Size Downloadable

Looking for an all-in-one ring size online printable? The above download from Poster Set Design features an editable ring size finder template, including three systems for sizing rings, a brand template, and even a size conversion chart.

7. Actual Size Printable Ring Size Chart

Looking to measure ring sizes for the perfect engagement ring? This printable ring size chart, sold on Etsy from Anat Kashi Jewelry, makes it simple to measure the size of a new ring against the size of an existing ring.

8 Printable Ring Sizer Strip

The printable ring sizer from JL Ring Designs, sold at Etsy, features a tape shaped paper strip that can be cut out and wrapped around fingers to measure their ring sizes. The digital download also features a traditional ring size chart, and the actual printable ring sizer can be personalized for your business.

9. International Ring Size Chart

Remember, not all rings are sized according to the same scale. The above ring size chart from Great Chart Gifts measures fingers according to the International ring size scale instead of U.S. sizes.

10. Downloadable Printable Ring Sizer

The downloadable printable ring sizer from NickNacksNCo is available to purchase on Etsy, and it sizes fingers between ring size 4 and size 13.5. Users can measure against their existing rings or cut out the paper strip to wrap around their fingers.

11. Quick Download for Ring Sizing

Looking for a quick download to determine the right size ring? This printable ring sizer from Angelic Light Wraps features both a tape-shaped strip to measure fingers and a ring size chart to measure the proper size by aligning the inside diameter of another ring.

12. Printable Ring Size Chart

Also sold on Etsy, this printable ring sizing kit from Mandragor Art Shop features everything you need to take an actual measurement for a ring. The editable template includes half sizes, and it even features a ring size conversion chart, as well as the traditional size chart and conventional sizing strip.

How to Use a Ring Sizer

How do you use a ring sizer? It depends on the type of ring sizer you choose. Printable ring sizers typically measure ring sizes in three different ways:

Ring size chart – A traditional ring size chart consists of a series of circles, varying in size from smallest to largest. Each circle represents a ring size or even half size. Just align an existing ring with the equivalent sizing circle on the chart to determine the perfect ring size for an engagement ring, wedding ring, or any other new ring.
Paper strip – Many printable ring size charts feature a printable ring sizer strip that, one cut out, can be wrapped around a finger to determine the best ring size. The paper strip method is practically self-explanatory. Just wrap the strip around your finger. The end of the strip will line up with the perfect ring size measurement.
String method – If you don’t have a printable ring sizer strip, you can use a similar method by employing a piece of string. Just wrap a piece of sturdy string around your finger like a ring, cutting the string at the point it overwraps. Many printable ring size charts will feature a measuring tool for the string method, as well as a measuring chart to convert the length into a ring size.

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