10 Startups Chosen for AWS Space Accelerator

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the 10 startups selected to participate in the 2022 AWS Space Accelerator. The customer-focused accelerator is aimed at helping space startups accelerate growth by using AWS.

10 Startups Chosen for AWS Space Accelerator

The startups were chosen for their inspiring and innovative vision on how to transform the global space industry across different mission areas. These areas range from space exploration and earth observation to space situational awareness and launch and propulsion.

Business Development and Strategy Support

The 10 selected startups will receive business development and strategy support from AlchemistX, the corporate services division of Alchemist Accelerator.

The startups will also receive specialized AWS training, mentoring from AWS space domain and technical subject matter experts. They will be provided with up to $100,000 in AWS Promotional Credit through AWS Activate, and support on building and scaling their solution around the world.

Valuable Lessons for Small Businesses of All Industries

The space startups selected for the AWS program can provide valuable lessons for small businesses of all industries, on the importance of innovating and thinking ‘outside the box’.

The accelerator also highlights the value of training, mentoring, support from experts, particularly in areas like technology and software which many businesses can find challenging, and other business resources in helping startups get off the ground, grow and succeed.

As AWS says in a statement on the announcement: “These 10 organizations are thinking big about how to transform the future of the global aerospace industry. The accelerator provides an opportunity for them to receive personalized recommendations on how to integrate AWS Cloud technologies into their unique missions.”

The startups selected for the 2022 AWS Space Accelerator are:


Albedo is building low-orbit satellites that capture both visible and thermal imagery at the highest resolution commercially available. Albedo’s data is a key input for industries such as mapping, insurance, agriculture, and climate applications.

Blue Sky Analytics

Blue Sky Analytics is a climate-tech startup, which uses satellite-derived climate intelligence to power financial decisions.


EOS Data Analytics (EOSDA) is a global provider of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered satellite imagery analytics.


Epsilon3 specializes in software for managing complex aerospace operations and procedures, from test and design through major operations.

Kayhan Space

Kayhan Space is developing next- generation electric propulsion solutions for spacecraft and satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO).

Mission Space

Mission Space focused on providing highly accurate space weather radiation intelligence using a combination of data sources and own detectors launched on to LEO.


Terradepth is an ocean data-as-a-service business that has built a cloud-based, browser-accessible, ocean data management platform and marketplace.

The Exploration Company

The Exploration Company provides various in-orbit services to LEO and in a later stage to the Moon.


ZaiNar specializes in positioning, navigation, and timing solutions as an alternative to traditional GPS.

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