10 Cold Email Software Options

Back in “the day” members of sales teams visited businesses without first making an appointment. These visits were “cold calling.”

Today, a cold email campaign is part of doing business. If you do it right, with a great cold emailing tool, the result may quickly go from cold to warm.

What are Cold Emails?

Businesses launch an email campaign as a sales outreach which targets new customers. By using software, the cold email outreach campaigns go to the inboxes of likely customers.

What is Cold Email Software?

Cold email software develops a list of email addresses and sends a message to each address. The business owner can compose the message.

These emails may be follow ups to recent purchases or website visits. Or they may be sources from a list. The cold email is sent to a specific audience, which in comprised of likely customers.

The best cold email tool gets these emails into inboxes. Some cold emails head to a spam folder, but let’s face it – most of us check that folder to make sure we’re not missing anything.

How to Choose the Best Cold Email Tool for Your Business

There are a number of cold emailing tools available. Nearly all cold email tools have a free trial. Taking advantage of a free trial is a great way to try this marketing tool.

They have a fairly broad range in pricing, based on the number of emails that will be sent and based on specific features.

We’ll list specific features for each of the 10 software companies we’ve chosen.

Key features of Cold Email Campaigns

We’ll list specific features for each of the 10 options we’ve chosen. Here are main things to consider:

Target the right audience and get into the primary inbox.

Timing – Send during workday hours

Follow Ups – Make sure your first email has a follow up, to a response, or to “no response.”

Security – As the sender, be sure your information is safeguarded.

Automation – Campaigns can be timed for certain seasons or peak sales times.

10 Best Cold Emailing Software Options

Sending cold emailing as a marketing tool may have been something you hadn’t considered.

Here are some things for you to consider:

An average response is 1%. That doesn’t sound like much. But if you have a good cold email marketing software, responses range from 5% to 20%.

According to estimates, for every $1 you spend on cold outreach, you’ll get $44 back.

1. MailChimp

There are lots of choices within the various plans offered by MailChimp.

Key features: Transactional email, prebuilt automated follow ups, custom triggers for responses, personalized custom email templates and optimized timing for sending.

Pricing: Ranges from $17 for 500 contacts to $299 for 10,000 contacts.

2. Klaviyo

Klaviyo offers multi-channel cold contacts (text and email outreach campaigns).

Key features: text and email cold campaigns, automated follow up emails and email tracking, prebuilt templates for email content, a data analytics dashboard and detailed reports.

Pricing: $30 per 1,000 emails, $40 for 1,000 texts.

3. Reply

Reply uses contact info supplied by your business or from other tools to build your email outreach list using mail merge.

Key features: multi-channel, tracks progress, analyzes responses, supports multiple users and can import contact info from sources such as LinkedIn sales navigator.

Pricing: $70 for unlimited contacts for up to 3 users.

4. Outreach

Outreach relies on a peer-to-peer network of users to send personalized cold emails.

Features: personalized emails, peer-to-peer email network, automated responses and email tracking, tracking tools to integrate your data (such as mail merge) and affordable pricing.

Pricing: $29 month for unlimited emails.

5. SmartReach

This software company is noted for superior customer support for your email campaign. SmartReach is recommended for those new to cold emails as a sales engagement platform.

Features: Good customer support, account-based sales productivity, reply automation tool includes automatic stops, email delivered in customer’s workday hours based on time zone and focus on email deliverability.

Pricing: $59 for unlimited emails.

6. Velocity

Just as it sounds, Velocity features easy and fast account setup.

Features: Drop email template builder, email validation, dedicated account person to manage cold email campaigns of client accounts, online support, and email list management including a mail merge feature.

Pricing: $125 for 100,000.

7. Woodpecker

Just as it sounds, Woodpecker chips away at barriers to success in a cold outreach campaigns, helping you reach potential customers.

Features: Unique algorithm to enhance deliverability, automatic campaign reports, separate database for each company, focus on B2B link building, and builds sender reputation with email service providers.

Pricing: $39 to send up to 50 per day.

8. Mailgun

Mailgun has a unique “burst” capability for a hard-hitting cold outreach campaign.

Features: Verifies email addresses, tools increase effective delivery, “mailjet” feature for fast moving campaigns, burst sending for bulk emails (up to 15 million per hour), and deliverability checks.

Pricing: $35 a user month for 50,000.

9. MailClickConvert

Personalized email campaigns are the focus of MailClickConvert. You can create personalized campaigns using its cold email template.

Features: Choose the outgoing domain, indepth reporting on email marketing campaigns, email personalization including personalized images, sales automation tool to schedule by date and time, and “cleaning” of email lists to improve deliverability.

Pricing: $199 a user month for 100,000 emails.

10. ConstantContact

You’ll get access to most cold email tools with ConstantContact.

Features: Unlimited email templates, customer support, customer list growth tools to help you create an outreach campaign, social posting and unlimited sending (including follow up email) to cold emailing prospects.

Pricing: $9.99 per month, unlimited.

How to Send a Cold Email

Teach your sales team how to use an email automation tool.

Choose a sender name, and add “from” your business name.
Fill out the subject line.
Use a generic greeting (no genders) such as Hello or Hi.
Keep the body of the email short and professional.
Be sure to include an Opt Out button or an Unsubscribe link.

What is the best cold email software?

Our choice is MailChimp. We chose MailChimp because of its myriad of choices within plans, allowing you to customize the types and numbers of sales emails you send as you create outreach campaigns. We also like the custom triggers and transactional emails, which allow you to follow up on contacts.

How do I automate cold mail?

Automation is a standard feature of a cold email marketing tool. It allows you to time your campaigns.

Once you choose a software provider, you can select dates and times for your campaign launches.

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