Best Open Sign for Your Business in 2022

Want to get more customers into your store or restaurant? Try a bright, lit up open sign that helps people easily spot an inviting business from the street. A lighted, open-for-business sign tells the world your establishment is serving customers and is perfect for your front business window.

If you’re looking for something more than a plastic open sign to flip over at the beginning and end of the day, you’re in luck. Today’s signs are often customizable, meaning you can change colors and sometimes even words. Open signs come in many shapes and sizes. And they’re simple to operate. You can control some LED open signs from your smartphone — they are that convenient and advanced.

Benefits of an Open Sign

You can exploit this customer conditioning to your benefit by using neon signs to indicate whether businesses are open as well as to advertise.

Passersby will be drawn to your neon sign from the moment you install it. Open signs are an effective way of generating traffic to your business. The following are some benefits of an open sign:

Brand identity
Marketing and Customer recognition
Efficient and Cost effect

Brand identity

An eye-catching and luminous sign is a great addition to any business front. Your company will be more visible with an open sign. Color and light attract our eyes in the dark, so installing a neon sign on a street crowded with fierce competitors will instantly boost your impressions.

Marketing and Customer recognition

Advertising with open signs has a long history. For example, local advertising campaigns of big companies have included open signs since the 1950s. As a result, open signs have conditioned customers to pay attention to them. You can exploit customer conditioning to your advantage by using neon signs to determine whether businesses are open and to spot promotions.

Efficient and Cost effect

Most traditional signs are less expensive to set up and can serve most businesses’ needs in a low-tech manner. It can be more economical to use traditional signage rather than purchasing digital screens, enclosures, and the cost of repairing the digital sign in case of vandalism, bad weather, or any number of other mishaps.

Neon is the fifth most abundant chemical element in the universe after hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and carbon. Given its mass abundance, it should come as no surprise that neon signage is so affordable. Since they have no filament, neon electrodes operate cool to the touch, which means they don’t waste much electricity at all.


Open signs can last 10-12 years if built and maintained properly. The value of open neon signs becomes evident when you consider that neon bulbs require little maintenance and conventional light signs can fail after just six months.

Additionally, one more benefit of open signs is the contrast it creates. The sharp visible difference in light, design and color is sure to attract attention.

Best Open for Business Sign Options

Our selections will help you shop faster. Take a look at our picks for open signs suitable for any small business.

Top Pick: Element Lux – Open Sign
Runner Up: GLI –Open Sign
Best Value: Ultima LED Neon Open Sign

Element Lux LED Open for Business Sign

Top Pick: This lighted sign will definitely make your business stand out.

First, it’s got a unique design that will catch the eye of drivers and pedestrians. It looks like neon but uses bright LED’s to produce dramatic effects. It has 49 different color combinations, so there’s a good chance one will match your brand.

This open sign comes with a remote control to manage options. It has a reasonable price, and most customer reviews are 5 stars.

Element Lux LED Open Sign

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GLI Open Sign with Business Hours

Runner Up: GLI’s bright sign is programmable. We like the best ability to display business hours for your store, shop or restaurant — that sets this sign apart. No more hassles with clumsily arranging hour stickers on a piece of plastic.

It’s got thousands of color combos so matching your store or brand won’t be an issue. You can also control the hours, hues, and light animation from a smartphone.

GLI – LED Open Sign with Business Hours

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Ultima LED Neon Open for Business Sign

Best Value: The Ultima LED Neon Sign is probably hanging in the window of a small business in every community across the country. It has a lot going for it: inexpensive price, ease of use, and simple style. Installing it seems really simple, too. Just hang a chain from a hook, plug it in, pick your mode and you’re open for business.

Ultima LED Neon Sign for Business: Jumbo Lighted Sign

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GLI Open for Business Sign

If you’re looking for a neon option look without some of the hassles that come from a neon sign, this LED sign may be a good fit for your store. It’s got multiple display modes including 64 color options to capture attention. Use your smartphone to turn it on and off and set a schedule. And you don’t have to worry about finding someone who repairs neon light tubes.

GLI – LED Sign – Stand Out with 64 Super-Bright Color Combos to Match Your Brand

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Led Open Sign for Business

If your business is lacking window space, this compact option is vertical instead of horizontal. It’s also got 64 color combos that can match your brand colors. This offering from the GreenLight Innovations Store also has several display modes, including static, scroll and flashing and phase to get the attention of passers-by.

Led Open Sign for Business

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Pro-Lite Ultra Bright Multi-Color Open Sign

This sign from Pro-Lite offers up all the look and style of traditional neon with the modern convenience of LED lighting and remote control. You can pick between 7 different border options around the OPEN letters. And the sign allows users to choose different display modes including animation and speeds. It also comes with a 3-year warranty.

Pro-Lite Ultra Bright Electronic LED Neon Multi-Color Store Window Open Sign

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Outdoor P10 Resolution, Full LED RGB Color Sign

This sign from POLAR Light is extra large at 40? x 14?. It is suitable for outdoors (most open signs are indoor only). In addition to letting customers know you’re open for business, this LED board lets you advertise specials or sales. Control the messaging and graphics with your desktop computer or a smartphone.

This lighted open sign has display modes that are completely programmable and can store up to 99 messages.

Outdoor P10 Resolution, Full LED RGB Color Sign

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Led open signs with Static and Flashing modes

It offers custom-controlled lighting with a remote that lets you quickly swap between static and flashing modes for the lighting to better suit your customers, clients, and overall shop aesthetics.

This open-door sign also includes a long 79”AC plug, two sticky wall hooks, and a long hanging chain to make it easier to hang these lights up in windows, doors, and other visually appealing spaces.

Led open signs with Static and Flashing modes

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HiNeon Neon Open Sign Lighted Open Sign

This lighted open sign comes with energy-efficient LED neon technology with a power rating of 12 Watts rated for indoor use only. Package includes: LED open sign, 10ft power cord, 12V UL listed power adapter, hanging chain, and remote control. . Remote control can dim the sign brightness as well as steady on or flashing mode. Also, 6 dynamic modes include flashing, fading, blinking, and strobing with different effect speeds.

These 6″ tall LED neon letters are visible day or night. The black backing increases great brightness contrast at dusk or daytime. Light up open sign dimension is 20″ x 6″ x 1.5″ with backing 20″x7″ and the bulbs have a 50,000-hour lifespan.

HiNeon Neon Open Sign Lighted Open Sign

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Flashing LED Neon Open Sign Light

This unique and extra-bright LED Open Sign will increase your visibility to potential customers. Each sign has flashing and static modes that can surely attract customers day and night. It comes in a variety of colors to choose from to match your brand and store display.

They are energy-efficient and reliable. These low energy consumption, low cost, & low maintenance LED OPEN signs are a smart and sensible solution for your business needs.

The lighted OPEN shop sign comes with an easy-to-use on/off switch. It comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee along with a 1-year warranty.

Flashing LED Neon Open Sign Light

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A Shop Open Sign LED Neon

This LED neon open sign for business has dynamic vibrant, eye-catching colors. The product is extra, bright perfect for both day and night. It is ideal for restaurants, bars, windows, walls, offices, displays, salons, florists, hotels, and trade shows.

Automatically changing 7 colors for middle “OPEN” with revolving multicolored shining circle outer ring, Dynamic multicolored and classical design give both your staff and customer a happy and relaxing mood.

This low-power-consuming unit has a 100,000+ hours lifespan. It offers One Year Warranty and it comes with a 30day return policy and a 1-Year limited warranty.

A shop open sign Led Neon

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Anrookie LED Open Signs

This Bright, Eye-Catching Open Neon Sign offers ultra-high visibility that helps to attract customers and draw in patrons day and night making it perfect for retail shops, local stores, restaurants, salons, cafes, and more.

It offers custom-controlled lighting with a remote that lets you quickly swap between well as flashing and static lighting to better suit your customers, clients, and overall shop aesthetic.

Anrookie open door sign also includes a long 79”AC plug, two sticky wall hooks, and a long hanging chain to make it easier to hang these lights up in windows, doors, and other visually appealing spaces.

Anrookie LED Open Signs

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How to choose an Open Sign for your business

Read product detail pages carefully for details when you purchase signs online. Here are several considerations for choosing the best open sign for your business.


Lighted sign dimensions vary, but the typical size for an LED sign is 12 to 24 inches in height and/or width. A jumbo sign is larger, with a length or width of up to 32 to 40 inches. Also, pay attention to depth. You may need a thin sign to fit in between the window blinds and the glass.


The typical price of an LED sign ranges from $30 to $200 in the U.S. The more you pay, the more product features you get. Startups usually go for cost savings, but if standing out is important, consider upgrading to more versatile products. If it brings in the customers, it’s a wise investment.


Light intensity is important so that a sign is visible even through dark tinted windows, or from the street in front of a strip mall.


 Some businesses are fine with the word “open.” But what about advertising specials, sales or business opening times? For a restaurant or coffee shop, consider appealing to the senses with a picture sign, such as a steaming cup next to the word “coffee.” A jewelry store we know uses a beautiful lighted sign in the shape of a big diamond.


Consider how many display modes and options you require. Do you want to use a smartphone to manage business opening times and other settings?


LED technology offers more versatility than a traditional neon sign. With an LED sign you can match your brand or simply stand out with unique hues beyond standard red, blue and white.


Consider how you plan to mount it. Today’s LED signs are lightweight – most are under 5 pounds. However, jumbo signs may be 10 to 20 pounds. Typically the sign is mounted by a chain on a hook in the window frame or wall. But if you plan to hang the chain on a suction cup hook, weight becomes more critical.

Power Cord

Most products plug into a power outlet. Consider where the cord is attached in relation to your outlet, to avoid an unsightly cord across your window.

Seller Brands

Check the brands. Among the information, is there a recognizable manufacturer name? What is the retailer’s reputation for customer service?


Last but not least, check local zoning ordinances in the US. Zoning regulations may limit the number, location and size of signage — including a small open sign.

LED Open Signs vs Neon Sign?

The decision is an easy one. Today, the advantages of LED outweigh the benefits of neon. Also, an LED sign is much easier to find today.

Neon signs have been around for over 100 years. Inventor Georges Claude filed the first patent for neon lights back in 1910, and the first neon sign went live over a Paris barbershop in 1912.

Fast forward to today. Modern LED signs are fast replacing neon. An LED sign has several benefits over neon. Today’s LED signs are:

Less expensive than neon.
More customizable. LED gives the ability to change messages, color choices, and other settings. You can have a flashing sign versus non-flashing. You can sometimes set a sign to turn on and off at certain times and adjust settings through a smartphone or remote control.
Brighter than neon lights. This is a real advantage when it comes to catching attention from the street.
More environmentally friendly. LED is energy efficient. Also, neon signs can break, leaking noxious gas. Some communities are starting to ban neon due to such concerns.
Less maintenance dependent. LED leaves no frequently dimming or half-lighted signs to worry about the problem of fixing, like neon which needs regular maintenance.

Pro tip: Today you can get the best of both worlds with the look of neon, but the benefits of LED lights. In fact, some signs are advertised as “Neon LED” to highlight this fact. They are not a combination of two technologies, but rather LED open signs that mimic how neon looks.

Where to Buy Open for Business Signs

Amazon is the best place to buy an open sign in our view, for several reasons. Amazon offers the most choices. An open sign is a specialty item and few retailers carry a wide selection.

Other advantages: Amazon Prime members may get discounts, Prime items get free shipping, and Amazon Business members may get a discount on products.

Visit Amazon for variety and quality Open for Business signs.

But what if you want to see an LED sign in person? Check out home improvement stores, office supply stores or lighting stores. However, the product selection is much more limited at brick and mortar sellers. And while you may be able to special order items, check if the product ships free.

When choosing the best place to buy a sign, consider: product selection, price, returnability, and shipping costs. If you’re looking for a place to buy more than a plastic open sign to flip over at the beginning and end of the day, you’re in luck.

Amazon’s signs are often customizable, meaning you can change colors and sometimes even words. Open signs come in many shapes and sizes. And they’re simple to operate. You can control some LED open signs.

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